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  1. From 2009 thru 2018 had no problems. Then Mar 2018 there was bank alert. Someone had written himself a grand on my account. My isp is Comcast and this is the worst. This jerk has endangered my life (no phone), interfered with my wife who is in a nursing home. Today I went to watchnPLEX, sign-in simple. But this jerk added background apps, and took it on himself to tell me my sign in was unsuccessful. Which was harassment No, there is some kind of software that allows this dude to interfere with my life and equipment. I almost popped a vessel because this just angered me. I rely
  2. I turned on PC to find "Chris" local group . Uninvited. I deleted and checked through local user and group. This person harassed me all day. If I put an url he added Bing to screw up. Changing passwords I am leAry of, since he apparently is able to see.
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