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  1. Getting back to Gamer-mode though. In summary, we'd like easier access to it. I assume it's hidden to enhance security, ie not make it easy to manually or automatically activate? Is this purely a design choice, or could it actually be moved/made now accessible?
  2. Oh, ok I got it backwards by the looks. Not 100% sure what I've done then! Apologies for not replying sooner. Cheers
  3. I've only just installed this software, but I think I'm slowly teaching it. 1st couple times, I only clicked "Ignore", assuming it would exclude that file. I was a little confused by having to click "Clean" with the correct tick boxes checked and unchecked. I guess I'll see it less and less now, so problem kinda solving itself to a degree.
  4. Thx Marcos 1. I run in windowed mode, so it doesn't auto activate 2. In my case, there was a potential threat pop-up (crypto mining software I use). No screenshot available sorry. I guess I could turn off real-time protection scans, but prefer to have convenient access to gamer mode (in a perfect world!) Cheers
  5. I'm having issues with sim racing. Alerts pop up during a race, causing chaos for me, and other drivers around me (I have a broadcasted race on YouTube to prove it!). Also, it remains on top. I recently purchased a 5 device version of Eset, but now I'm trying to sort out this Gamer mode issue. I run my sim (iRacing) in windowed mode fyi. A shortcut key, or at least a Taskbar quick-enable would be useful to say the least. Same goes for any other application you don't want pop-ups in (ie streaming or capturing video) Cheers
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