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  1. Sorry, I was not clear. What I mean is: how can I know what causes this number. If the attempts number is 20 and they are all caused because of switching from apps, I am fine with it. But if this number is caused by another app trying to connect to this protected app or something else, I need to take actions.
  2. Hi, in the security report I see under App Lock a number at unsuccessful attempts. What does this number means? For example my Gmail is protected and I am in chrome browser. if I press the android button to go to the previous app to go to WhatsApp, but then it shows Gmail because I opened that as well. Does that count as an unsuccessful attempt if I don't login, but go to WhatsApp instead? Can I see somewhere more info about that number? which app? datetime?
  3. Hi, i activated the anti theft option in the eset mobile security on my Samsung SM-G960F. This one has dual sim, and i inserted 2 sim cards (1 dutch and 1 singaporean). However it only shows 1 sim card in the settings. Thinking about this, how does it work if i go on holiday and want to replace the simcard with a local one? Do i first need to change the settings of the Auto lock device, remove the trusted sim card, replace the sim card and then it will automatically recognize and add the new simcard? Br, Johan
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