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  1. Is there a way to disable this? It's just an annoying step that serves no benefit. Also it does not go away even after hours of no threat found
  2. I finally upgraded from Smart Security 7 to the newest internet security. On Smart Security 7 I could easily click on the Eset icon in they tray and "Pause Protection" it would come up with a window defaulting to 10 minutes which was perfect. I would still get notification as usual if a threat was found etc when protection was turned on as expected. With this new Internet Security there is an extra step which I'm hoping can be eliminated or disabled b/c it serves no purpose other than an unnecessary confirmation box. When I select Pause Protection it comes up with the "Threat found Recently ... disabling protection... yada yada yada prompt. I have to select Apply than the 10 minute standard pop up appears. Is there a way to get rid of this unnecessary prompt, without affecting other normal notifications?
  3. Still didn't answer the question about the KB. That site is not entirely accurate. Also you forget drivers are a big thing and not all MFG have updated drivers on older models so that a lone is a show stopper. I have no intentions of upgrading the systems running fine on 7 with interactive FW and HW FW (pfsense) before it even reaches the nodes. My guess is I'm stuck with the older version which is fine. was hoping someone had more info on the KB
  4. these are the 2 KB from the same article i read earlier "along with updates KB4474419 and KB4490628." I'm not convinced these along will let me install the latest EIS. Yes i have downloaded the offline installer thanks
  5. I have an older laptop windows 7 (SP1) x86, which can't be upgraded to win 10 as the hardware will not even support it. Currently on Eset Smart Security 4 (yes older laptop) runs just fine no issues with light footprint. Long story short was hoping i could install the latest version of Internet security and I get this error "eset security is no longer supported on your outdated version of microsoft windows" Is there no way to install a newer version of Eset on older win 7 OS? There was an article about having 2 different KB but not sure if that will work and not wanting to install anything that can cause or break other things. thanks
  6. Wishful thinking, no Win 10 system can touch my tweaked Win 7 system. With more iterations there is more bloat, telemetry and junk. Not to say I don't have Win 10 systems but no intention of ever upgrading the 7 boxes.
  7. thanks I believe you have the same access to the hips logs as well in older version i know you do in 7 and 4. I initially started this thread about alerts but it appears there is no quick fix. I know i can find out what is causing it with some debug tools but b/c i can't repeat the issue it would take a lot of effort to run and monitor these kernel debug tools so likely I will upgrade to v12 b/c of the resources improvements.
  8. I did a quick search and found some threads about it, what ever issues were reported are moot with the changes in v12 now. That is about about double what Marcos posted, still better than v7 which is promising. I wonder what the OS was Marcos was using. Also what type of hypervisor did he create the VM on and if that makes a difference for memory allocation. Thanks I'm familiar with this option in v7 as well but its not the for the HIPS/FW alerts, not sure what the formal name of the alert window is but the notification window near the tray can also be controlled in the same area in v7.
  9. That is impressive, you have convinced me to test v12, if I'm not mistaking and i'll have to check an old air gapped system running v4 but those numbers are close if not better than v4. Thanks for posting the info.
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