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  1. Hey thanks man!! I didnt download the adwCleaner. I just did a reset. It stopped popping up. Thanks man, appreciate it! Should I feel safe now or is there anything I should still look into? Oh yeah.. Firefox said that if I did a reset, it would save my old settings in a folder and if resetting worked for me then I should delete it... Should I? I mean Im wondering cause of that CDN thing. Thanks to everyone that helped! Hope it doesn't come back and everything is fine from now on. Thumbs up for everyone!!
  2. This malicious javascript is blocked by ESET and copied into the quarantine. So a danger is no longer presented out of this file. But if it often pops up and you really don't visit hxxp://utils.cdneurope.com then it could be more dangerous, because maybe another maleware that is already installed on your system could try to connect to this JS-file. That's interesting, because on the ESET website there is surly no redirection or embedding of the questionable website cdneurope! Now I had to ask some more questions: Go on the ESET website and please don't open any other tabs with o
  3. Also a another question: Is it safe to assume that nothing is happening bad since everytim it pops up, it says QUARANTINED? :/ Thanks!!
  4. Thanks rugk!! It comes out whenever I open just any other site aside from the ones that I have been going to (or usually go to) before it started showing up. It even comes out when I visit this ESET website. Yes, it showed up as I replied to this forum. :/ I appreciate your help. Please continue to do so since I have no idea anymore and I am not really experienced with these kind of stuff. And I doubt, since I cant remember, that I went to that site. :/
  5. Is that, the same as my problem? If so, what can I do? And if not... can anyone help me then? Please. Thank you. It would really be appreciated.
  6. Just happened this morning. It kept popping up whenever I load a website that I noramally do not visit. It doesn't show up when I go to facebook, or youtube, etc. It does however show when I google something, go to a blog, etc. I need help. Already scanned my computer. Found a threat the first time I did then I tried several times after and ESET said it was clean, though it still shows up whenever I visit some sites. Is this a false positivity? Can my eset antivirus help me out? or do I need to do something else? :/ I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
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