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  1. Hi, i tried with your url, i can confirm Eset detect and block the website. So now we know we have to change settings for Brave Thanks
  2. Hi, thanks for your answer and help. I did the change @Marcos suggested. Unfortunately (and hopefully) they finally remove the virus ! (and still not replied to me...next time i will report them). So i can not test or confirmed anymore. I might have a copy of the infected file on a VM, i will try this week on a local website and see if it's working I will let you know before Sunday. Thanks
  3. Update : I forgot to add version : Eset Internet Security Opera 70.0.3728.178 Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Build officiel) (64 bits) Firefox 79.0 Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.51 Thanks
  4. Hi, I discover an issue with detection of virus from website. the website is "scanmalta.com", at this time (14-09-2020) and since at least 1 week, Eset detect a virus (JS/Spy.Agent.DG) on "azios.js" file. When i use Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox, Eset popup the Alert Virus but nothing with Brave, and the file is loaded ! Is it normal ? Does Eset has some issue to work with Brave ? Note: i warned the website 2 times, they still ignore me Thanks
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