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  1. Yes, he is using aol desktop gold. I will inform him of what you said above. Thank you all for your replies. Axe
  2. Thanks for your answer. So first I checked the website you suggested and his info has been out there apparently for a while. IDK if he changed the password but it's listed as being in a data breach in 2016 and also in Jan of 2019. I would think if it was out there for that long he would have been hacked a long time ago. Second point is that when he emailed the email to me it Eset alerted me that it had a virus. I was not able to see the email at all, but he told me he didn't open any attachments or click any links and he didn't see any attachments. SO I'm wondering whay it was detected as a vi
  3. Hi, A customer of mine who has Eset on all his devices got hacked today. He received an email in AOL desktop software saying that his account was hacked and listed his actual password. Within 3 minutes of receiving that email someone logged into his aol account and started sending emails out. He then changed the password and while trying to investigate I asked him to send the email to me so I could check the headers. I use a standard email client and Eset is able to scan my incoming mail and immediately detected it as DOC/Fraud.agy. I can't find any information on exactly what that virus do
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