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  1. Greetings, we are trying to migrate from "esets" (version 4.x) to efs (version 7.x) on CentOS 7, CentOS 8. It looks like v7 is completely different from v4 and in terms of installation and it drifts into wrong direction (IMHO). To install ESETS (v4) on CentOS 7/8 basically I need to install few packages before installation of ESET software itself, in most cases next will work: yum install ed glibc nss-softokn-freebl glibc.i686 nss-softokn-freebl.i686 policycoreutils-devel following: sh ~/esets.x86_64.rpm.bin --skip-license Now for v7 based on https://help.eset.com/efs/7/en-US/system_requirements.html?index.html I need to install perl, gcc, development header for kernel, etc. On the same server new installation brings 150+ more packages (see output below). I do not want to see c compiler and a bunch other packages to be installed on each server. So questions: 1. since we are using the same base for all our server can we somehow create binary on one server and copy everything to the rest so I do not need all development related packages to be installed on each server? 2. if some packages only needed only during "installation" stage (e.g. gcc) and do not need for efs during normal work can we get a list of those packages so we can remove them after installation? 3. if we will remove those packages after installation, for upgrade they have to be installed again? so upgrade procedure is actually about same as install except preservation of some settings? 4. if we are going to skip UI installation (e.g. "sh ~/efs.x86_64.bin --accept-license --no-gui" command used for installation) can be some packages omitted ? (e.g. QT5) Overall I hope ESET will move towards approach that requires only necessary packages (minimal) to be installed on server and start supplying product in binary format. Thank you in advance. PS: below is output of required packages when I tried to install EFS on CentOS 8 with Nginx server running on and ESET Remote Agent installed already... -------- [root@server ~]# yum install efs-7.2.572.0.x86_64.rpm Last metadata expiration check: 1:10:19 ago on Fri 11 Sep 2020 06:02:18 AM EDT. Dependencies resolved. ======================================================================================================================== Package Architecture Version Repository Size ======================================================================================================================== Installing: efs x86_64 7.2.572.0-1 @commandline 161 M Installing dependencies: annobin x86_64 8.90-1.el8.0.1 AppStream 201 k cpp x86_64 8.3.1-5.el8.0.2 AppStream 10 M dwz x86_64 0.12-9.el8 AppStream 109 k efi-srpm-macros noarch 3-2.el8 AppStream 22 k gcc x86_64 8.3.1-5.el8.0.2 AppStream 23 M ghc-srpm-macros noarch 1.4.2-7.el8 AppStream 9.3 k glibc-devel x86_64 2.28-101.el8 BaseOS 1.0 M glibc-headers x86_64 2.28-101.el8 BaseOS 473 k go-srpm-macros noarch 2-16.el8 AppStream 14 k isl x86_64 0.16.1-6.el8 AppStream 841 k kernel-devel x86_64 4.18.0-193.14.2.el8_2 BaseOS 15 M kernel-headers x86_64 4.18.0-193.14.2.el8_2 BaseOS 4.0 M libmpc x86_64 1.0.2-9.el8 AppStream 59 k libpkgconf x86_64 1.4.2-1.el8 BaseOS 35 k libxcrypt-devel x86_64 4.1.1-4.el8 BaseOS 25 k ocaml-srpm-macros noarch 5-4.el8 AppStream 9.4 k openblas-srpm-macros noarch 2-2.el8 AppStream 7.9 k perl x86_64 4:5.26.3-416.el8 AppStream 72 k perl-Algorithm-Diff noarch 1.1903-9.el8 AppStream 52 k perl-Archive-Tar noarch 2.30-1.el8 AppStream 79 k perl-Archive-Zip noarch 1.60-3.el8 AppStream 108 k perl-Attribute-Handlers noarch 0.99-416.el8 AppStream 88 k perl-B-Debug noarch 1.26-2.el8 AppStream 26 k perl-CPAN noarch 2.18-397.el8 AppStream 554 k perl-CPAN-Meta noarch 2.150010-396.el8 AppStream 191 k perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements noarch 2.140-396.el8 AppStream 37 k perl-CPAN-Meta-YAML noarch 0.018-397.el8 AppStream 34 k perl-Compress-Bzip2 x86_64 2.26-6.el8 AppStream 72 k perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2 x86_64 2.081-1.el8 AppStream 40 k perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib x86_64 2.081-1.el8 AppStream 68 k perl-Config-Perl-V noarch 0.30-1.el8 AppStream 22 k perl-DB_File x86_64 1.842-1.el8 AppStream 83 k perl-Data-Dumper x86_64 2.167-399.el8 BaseOS 58 k perl-Data-OptList noarch 0.110-6.el8 AppStream 31 k perl-Data-Section noarch 0.200007-3.el8 AppStream 30 k perl-Devel-PPPort x86_64 3.36-5.el8 AppStream 118 k perl-Devel-Peek x86_64 1.26-416.el8 AppStream 93 k perl-Devel-SelfStubber noarch 1.06-416.el8 AppStream 75 k perl-Devel-Size x86_64 0.81-2.el8 AppStream 34 k perl-Digest noarch 1.17-395.el8 AppStream 27 k perl-Digest-MD5 x86_64 2.55-396.el8 AppStream 37 k perl-Digest-SHA x86_64 1:6.02-1.el8 AppStream 66 k perl-Encode x86_64 4:2.97-3.el8 BaseOS 1.5 M perl-Encode-devel x86_64 4:2.97-3.el8 AppStream 39 k perl-Env noarch 1.04-395.el8 AppStream 21 k perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder noarch 1:0.280230-2.el8 AppStream 48 k perl-ExtUtils-Command noarch 1:7.34-1.el8 AppStream 19 k perl-ExtUtils-Embed noarch 1.34-416.el8 AppStream 79 k perl-ExtUtils-Install noarch 2.14-4.el8 AppStream 46 k perl-ExtUtils-MM-Utils noarch 1:7.34-1.el8 AppStream 17 k perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker noarch 1:7.34-1.el8 AppStream 300 k perl-ExtUtils-Manifest noarch 1.70-395.el8 AppStream 37 k perl-ExtUtils-Miniperl noarch 1.06-416.el8 AppStream 76 k perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS noarch 1:3.35-2.el8 AppStream 83 k perl-File-Fetch noarch 0.56-2.el8 AppStream 33 k perl-File-HomeDir noarch 1.002-4.el8 AppStream 61 k perl-File-Temp noarch 0.230.600-1.el8 BaseOS 63 k perl-File-Which noarch 1.22-2.el8 AppStream 23 k perl-Filter x86_64 2:1.58-2.el8 AppStream 82 k perl-Filter-Simple noarch 0.94-2.el8 AppStream 29 k perl-Getopt-Long noarch 1:2.50-4.el8 BaseOS 63 k perl-HTTP-Tiny noarch 0.074-1.el8 BaseOS 58 k perl-IO-Compress noarch 2.081-1.el8 AppStream 258 k perl-IO-Socket-IP noarch 0.39-5.el8 AppStream 47 k perl-IO-Zlib noarch 1:1.10-416.el8 AppStream 80 k perl-IPC-Cmd noarch 2:1.02-1.el8 AppStream 43 k perl-IPC-SysV x86_64 2.07-397.el8 AppStream 43 k perl-IPC-System-Simple noarch 1.25-17.el8 AppStream 43 k perl-JSON-PP noarch 1:2.97.001-3.el8 AppStream 68 k perl-Locale-Codes noarch 3.57-1.el8 AppStream 311 k perl-Locale-Maketext noarch 1.28-396.el8 AppStream 99 k perl-Locale-Maketext-Simple noarch 1:0.21-416.el8 AppStream 78 k perl-MIME-Base64 x86_64 3.15-396.el8 BaseOS 31 k perl-MRO-Compat noarch 0.13-4.el8 AppStream 24 k perl-Math-BigInt noarch 1:1.9998.11-7.el8 BaseOS 196 k perl-Math-BigInt-FastCalc x86_64 0.500.600-6.el8 AppStream 27 k perl-Math-BigRat noarch 0.2614-1.el8 AppStream 40 k perl-Math-Complex noarch 1.59-416.el8 BaseOS 108 k perl-Memoize noarch 1.03-416.el8 AppStream 118 k perl-Module-Build noarch 2:0.42.24-5.el8 AppStream 273 k perl-Module-CoreList noarch 1:5.20181130-1.el8 AppStream 87 k perl-Module-CoreList-tools noarch 1:5.20181130-1.el8 AppStream 22 k perl-Module-Load noarch 1:0.32-395.el8 AppStream 19 k perl-Module-Load-Conditional noarch 0.68-395.el8 AppStream 24 k perl-Module-Loaded noarch 1:0.08-416.el8 AppStream 74 k perl-Module-Metadata noarch 1.000033-395.el8 AppStream 44 k perl-Net-Ping noarch 2.55-416.el8 AppStream 101 k perl-Net-SSLeay x86_64 1.88-1.el8 AppStream 379 k perl-Package-Generator noarch 1.106-11.el8 AppStream 27 k perl-Params-Check noarch 1:0.38-395.el8 AppStream 24 k perl-Params-Util x86_64 1.07-22.el8 AppStream 44 k perl-Perl-OSType noarch 1.010-396.el8 AppStream 29 k perl-PerlIO-via-QuotedPrint noarch 0.08-395.el8 AppStream 13 k perl-Pod-Checker noarch 4:1.73-395.el8 AppStream 33 k perl-Pod-Escapes noarch 1:1.07-395.el8 BaseOS 20 k perl-Pod-Html noarch 1.22.02-416.el8 AppStream 87 k perl-Pod-Parser noarch 1.63-396.el8 AppStream 108 k perl-Pod-Perldoc noarch 3.28-396.el8 BaseOS 86 k perl-Pod-Simple noarch 1:3.35-395.el8 BaseOS 213 k perl-Pod-Usage noarch 4:1.69-395.el8 BaseOS 34 k perl-SelfLoader noarch 1.23-416.el8 AppStream 82 k perl-Software-License noarch 0.103013-2.el8 AppStream 138 k perl-Storable x86_64 1:3.11-3.el8 BaseOS 98 k perl-Sub-Exporter noarch 0.987-15.el8 AppStream 73 k perl-Sub-Install noarch 0.928-14.el8 AppStream 27 k perl-Sys-Syslog x86_64 0.35-397.el8 AppStream 50 k perl-Term-ANSIColor noarch 4.06-396.el8 BaseOS 46 k perl-Term-Cap noarch 1.17-395.el8 BaseOS 23 k perl-Test noarch 1.30-416.el8 AppStream 89 k perl-Test-Harness noarch 1:3.42-1.el8 AppStream 279 k perl-Test-Simple noarch 1:1.302135-1.el8 AppStream 516 k perl-Text-Balanced noarch 2.03-395.el8 AppStream 58 k perl-Text-Diff noarch 1.45-2.el8 AppStream 45 k perl-Text-Glob noarch 0.11-4.el8 AppStream 17 k perl-Text-ParseWords noarch 3.30-395.el8 BaseOS 18 k perl-Text-Template noarch 1.51-1.el8 AppStream 64 k perl-Thread-Queue noarch 3.13-1.el8 AppStream 24 k perl-Time-HiRes x86_64 1.9758-1.el8 AppStream 61 k perl-Time-Local noarch 1:1.280-1.el8 BaseOS 34 k perl-Time-Piece x86_64 1.31-416.el8 AppStream 98 k perl-URI noarch 1.73-3.el8 AppStream 116 k perl-Unicode-Collate x86_64 1.25-2.el8 AppStream 686 k perl-autodie noarch 2.29-396.el8 AppStream 98 k perl-bignum noarch 0.49-2.el8 AppStream 44 k perl-devel x86_64 4:5.26.3-416.el8 AppStream 599 k perl-encoding x86_64 4:2.22-3.el8 AppStream 68 k perl-experimental noarch 0.019-2.el8 AppStream 24 k perl-inc-latest noarch 2:0.500-9.el8 AppStream 25 k perl-libnet noarch 3.11-3.el8 AppStream 121 k perl-libnetcfg noarch 4:5.26.3-416.el8 AppStream 77 k perl-local-lib noarch 2.000024-2.el8 AppStream 74 k perl-open noarch 1.11-416.el8 AppStream 77 k perl-perlfaq noarch 5.20180605-1.el8 AppStream 386 k perl-podlators noarch 4.11-1.el8 BaseOS 118 k perl-srpm-macros noarch 1-25.el8 AppStream 11 k perl-utils noarch 5.26.3-416.el8 AppStream 128 k perl-version x86_64 6:0.99.24-1.el8 AppStream 67 k pkgconf x86_64 1.4.2-1.el8 BaseOS 38 k pkgconf-m4 noarch 1.4.2-1.el8 BaseOS 17 k pkgconf-pkg-config x86_64 1.4.2-1.el8 BaseOS 15 k python-srpm-macros noarch 3-38.el8 AppStream 14 k python3-pyparsing noarch 2.1.10-7.el8 BaseOS 142 k python3-rpm-macros noarch 3-38.el8 AppStream 13 k qt5-srpm-macros noarch 5.12.5-3.el8 AppStream 10 k redhat-rpm-config noarch 122-1.el8 AppStream 83 k rust-srpm-macros noarch 5-2.el8 AppStream 9.2 k systemtap-sdt-devel x86_64 4.2-6.el8 AppStream 81 k zip x86_64 3.0-23.el8 BaseOS 270 k zlib-devel x86_64 1.2.11-13.el8 BaseOS 57 k Installing weak dependencies: elfutils-libelf-devel x86_64 0.178-7.el8 BaseOS 58 k perl-Encode-Locale noarch 1.05-9.el8 AppStream 21 k perl-IO-Socket-SSL noarch 2.066-4.el8 AppStream 297 k perl-Mozilla-CA noarch 20160104-7.el8 AppStream 15 k perl-TermReadKey x86_64 2.37-7.el8 AppStream 40 k Transaction Summary ======================================================================================================================== Install 155 Packages
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