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  1. I have reinstalled both and it looks like it works correctly. I don't think so. There exists no special policies for this computer in cloud administrator and about 40 computers work well. I will watch the computer for a few days and then back to the staff with it. 🙂 Thank you both for the support
  2. No, no "bad image" since this dll. But "Unable to load module MODULE_ID_SSL. Reason: 7001" in trace.log
  3. I have wrote you, that i have renamed the protobuf.dll to protobuf.alt on this not working system und replaced it with a protobuf.dll from an other computer with working Eset Endpoint Security. Yes, you're right, this protobuf contains only zeroes, amazing. Virus? windows file system failure? hard drive failure? Looks not friendly. That could be the reason for error 0xc000012f "Bad Image" Protobuf.dll, or not? Can't we go further with the trace.log? protobuf.zip with the working dll from the other computer (same license) Protobuf.zip
  4. oh sorry, I misunterstood you. I renamed the file to Protobuf.alt and replaced it by a Protobuf.dll from a working computer, and so i get the trace.log. Both Protobuf.dll had the same size and date. Inside the zip ist no the renamed file Protobuf.zip
  5. Okay, no I have a trace.log: 2020-09-11 09:20:26 Information: [Thread 1ac4]: Loading ESET modules from C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Modules\ 2020-09-11 09:20:26 Error: Service [Thread 1ac4]: ModuleManager: Unable to load module MODULE_ID_SSL. Reason: 7001
  6. There is no trace.log anymore. I startet ERAAgent.exe and I got an error 0xc000012f "Bad Image" Protobuf.dll, not designed for Windows or contains an error. (sfc /scannow shows no errors,)
  7. Error 70 (if i try to start manually EraAgentSvc and no new trace.log 😵
  8. Yes. Oh, if I try to start EraAgentSvc, I get error 70, What means error 70?
  9. I have a problem with at least one computer (Windows 10). Because of the corona crisis this computer wasn't used since June 15. To reactivate and clean the computer and for updates i took it in my own office. But ESET Cloud Administrator shows "last contact June 15" since yesterday, I can't update Eset Endpoint Security (7.2.2055.0) or Eset Management Agent (7.1.717.0) remote (lokal I can update only some modules= The "Staus Log" (status.html) looks "happy" (evrything green, no error), but it remains "generated June 15"
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