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  1. May be closed, it is wrong, it is a problem with Eset File Security on a terminal server.
  2. A few days ago I had already described the problem under "Endpoint Products" (wrong) because I get wrong information myself. During RDS sessions Outlook / an add-in always gives a warning message like "A program is trying to access on data in Outlook or e-mail address information stored in Outlook. ... Allow access for 1 ... 10 minutes." The AntiVirus status in the Trust Center is not valid "Not available. This version of Windows does not support virus detection." (The translation may be not exact) How to tell Outlook that Eset Antivirus is installed? We don't want to turn off the
  3. Oh oh, sorry. I got wrong informations, this problem is possibly only on the terminal server, and there is antivirus status not valid in the Trust center! "Not available. This version of Windows does not support virus detection." Eset File Security for Microsoft Windows Server 7.2.12004.2
  4. Please be patient a little longer. Last week the producer of the basic program still said that the problem was due to the antivirus program. But now there is an update for the main program with an included update of the Outlook Add-in, what is unusual. Maybe the error is in the add-in. I will be back again in a few days - with procmon log or with the message that everything is ok.
  5. No, only when the add-in is active on working. The add-in copies certain e-mails from Outlook to an external archive, and only when it is supposed to do so, the message appears.
  6. Yes, Antivirus status: Valid And I don't want to disable the warnings in general (Resolution Method 2 of your link to microsoft).
  7. Hello, We have on 30? computers with Windows 10 or on terminal server with Outlook 2019 a problem with a warning message. In outlook is an add-in to archive e-mails in an enterprise software, i don't know exaclty the warning message in English, but it is like: "A program is trying to access on data in Outlook or e-mail address information stored in Outlook. ... Allow access for 1 ... ?0 minutes." Previously it was possible to completely disable the message, now access must be granted continuously for a few minutes maximum. The program manufacturer and a web search (at Mic
  8. I have reinstalled both and it looks like it works correctly. I don't think so. There exists no special policies for this computer in cloud administrator and about 40 computers work well. I will watch the computer for a few days and then back to the staff with it. 🙂 Thank you both for the support
  9. No, no "bad image" since this dll. But "Unable to load module MODULE_ID_SSL. Reason: 7001" in trace.log
  10. I have wrote you, that i have renamed the protobuf.dll to protobuf.alt on this not working system und replaced it with a protobuf.dll from an other computer with working Eset Endpoint Security. Yes, you're right, this protobuf contains only zeroes, amazing. Virus? windows file system failure? hard drive failure? Looks not friendly. That could be the reason for error 0xc000012f "Bad Image" Protobuf.dll, or not? Can't we go further with the trace.log? protobuf.zip with the working dll from the other computer (same license) Protobuf.zip
  11. oh sorry, I misunterstood you. I renamed the file to Protobuf.alt and replaced it by a Protobuf.dll from a working computer, and so i get the trace.log. Both Protobuf.dll had the same size and date. Inside the zip ist no the renamed file Protobuf.zip
  12. Okay, no I have a trace.log: 2020-09-11 09:20:26 Information: [Thread 1ac4]: Loading ESET modules from C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Modules\ 2020-09-11 09:20:26 Error: Service [Thread 1ac4]: ModuleManager: Unable to load module MODULE_ID_SSL. Reason: 7001
  13. There is no trace.log anymore. I startet ERAAgent.exe and I got an error 0xc000012f "Bad Image" Protobuf.dll, not designed for Windows or contains an error. (sfc /scannow shows no errors,)
  14. Error 70 (if i try to start manually EraAgentSvc and no new trace.log 😵
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