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  1. Nevermind, i figured out on my own, i think that allowing DoSVC and WUAUSERV did the trick
  2. So you're saying that you don't know the services nor the IP addresses that Windows Update uses? That's a stablished fact, i will block by hosts and firewall every single connection that i don't want to happen, that is the whole purpose of a firewall, however my problem is that i need to whitelist Windows Update, because downloading windows updates is something that i want to happen, i don't trust Microsoft, so the only thing that i want from them is just Windows Updates since i'm stuck with the spyware called Windows 10(since the IDE that i use for development of my commercial applications
  3. As a privacy measure, i block mostly of Windows 10 connections related to microsoft(in an attempt to prevent telemetry being sent without consent), however if i have my firewall turned on my updates don't download, they get stuck at downloading at 0%, anyone can assist me with the hosts and proccesses that are involved in Microsoft Update so i can create a rule that allow the update to work properly? doing some research i came across this list windowsupdate.microsoft.com *.windowsupdate.microsoft.com *.update.microsoft.com *.update.microsoft.com *.windowsupdate.com download.windowsupd
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