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  1. That doesn't change anything--the scans still run for a super long time no matter if it's a regular scan or a custom scan.
  2. All I've done is click "scan your computer" and ran scans, as far as I know...I don't think I've done anything else. I've been running scans basically every time I get on my computer, and they've all taken a very long time to run. As far as I know I haven't done anything else...
  3. Hi! I just had a quick question...I've had Eset for a little over a year now, and normally my scans would take an hour or so, maybe a bit longer. However, they've recently been taking about fifteen hours to finish (my most recent one started at 10:41pm last night and finished at 1:20pm today), and I don't know why. Is there a way to not have the scan going for fifteen hours--to have it finish after an hour, like it used to? Thanks! Joy
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