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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. But I ended up getting a refund and going to another solution though that is fully supporting linux.
  2. Thanks for your help and the info Marcos. I am a little worried though.. I purchased a three year license but it sounds like it could break anytime in those three years and there wouldn't be any help for it. (for my 3 person linux household :). It seems to run good now though.. but just on the fence about if I should keep it for that reason.
  3. There is a 30 day return policy so I could back out of the purchase if you think it could be fraud. Is there a list of third party vendors that are authorized? When I click the partners page it just forwards back to the eset.com site.
  4. Yes I am David Kiley. The seller seemed legitimate. How do I know if it is valid or not?
  5. I see that the linux version is in Limited Support - On the page it says "Limited Support – It is generally limited to Technical Support and Development Support, which is limited to bug fixing so there is no support for new operating system versions" So does that mean if it breaks on the latest version of ubuntu you guys don't fix it (i'm currently using 20.04)? Just curious to know.
  6. The license email I received from eset had "0dd4a4ee126a9b427961@members.ebay.com" in the header. Is that the public id?
  7. How do I get the public id? I purchased from Lightway Software and they only sent me the license key (which I sent you).
  8. I just sent you a PM with my license key. Thanks for the help!
  9. I purchased ESET Internet Security, but only have the license key. How do I get a username/password for the linux software?
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