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  1. Hi, Marcos! The problem was solved by installing the latest Microsoft Windows updates on the client pc. In my organization, there is also a problem with updating ESET agents from 6.5 to 7.*. also, the antivirus itself is not updated on problem computers, and LogCollector does not work. Can I attach a log here, or do I need to open a new topic?
  2. Hello everyone Please help me solve the problem, Eset Endpoint Security is not installed randomly. I get an error: "task failed try to install software manually". Where can I read the installation log? Is there any instructions for Troubleshooting? The user from whose account I am trying to install, in the "Administrators" group, the ports are open. At first, the agent was not updated from 6.5 to 7. I completely Deleted Eset products using the EsetUninstaller utility, then repeated the installation procedure. The agent is installed, but the antivirus itself is not installed.
  3. I can't find this in EMSC. Can you show a screenshot of where this is configured?
  4. Hello! In the ESMC window, red computers are constantly lit with a notification that, "Protocol Filtering is disabled". I don't need this feature. How can I disable notifications?
  5. I figured it out myself. The local repository was specified, changed to automatic and started working.
  6. Good afternoon! I'm trying to create an installer, but the Product/version field is empty. What should I check so that products appear in the field?
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