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  1. For the longest time I have been fighting with "antispam module no cloud connectivity". I ran Marcos's asclouddiag. The first query always fails it seems and looking at my firewall i get a " DNS rebind attack blocked" in my event logs even though i have allowed the traffic over those ports and to the allowed addresses. Is my firewall just being stupid? Currently says "you are protected" after messing with my firewall rules (yay!), but i still get those failed response's and DNS rebind attack blocked if i run the diag. logs.txt
  2. Oh, i see. I was looking in the wrong location. Thank you very much Marcos!
  3. Looking to update the agent (6.5.522.0) on my computers remotely with the Management Center. Read everywhere to run the Components Upgrade Task, but this task does not exist for me. Possible it was removed by accident when I was removing some custom tasks? is there a way to re-add removed tasks?
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