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  1. Yes, it makes sense to disable extension with that kind of application. My point is I already see they have whitelisted LastPass and couple more extension on BPP. The thing doesn't make sense to me is why they have decided to whitelisted those extension. They are private, closed source and not audited apps. I believe they could pose more risk than any other open sourced apps. If you completely disabled "all" extensions I am ok with that. I just can't think reasonable explanation why you don't whitelist open-sourced audited apps! Anyway, that's just my point. I wish some of the mods or admins could give me some explanations or explain to me is there any way to submit whitelisting extension request for BPP.
  2. Why would I pay extra when I have an easy and secure(open-sourced) option without paying extra money? Adding an extension is easier and cheaper than your recommendation! I already see some extensions are already approved by Eset.
  3. Hello, Why Bitwarden is not whitelisted on secured browser to add as an extension? It is open-sourced password manager and highly recommended because it is open-sourced. In my opinion it is far superior than other password manager because it is open-sourced. So, is there any way to expedite this request to add Bitwarden on your whitelist? Thank you!
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