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  1. I will try it next week and post here. At the moment any issue related my internet connection really puts my work into risk. Disabling protocol filtering only gave me a chance to connect internet just before eset starts itself after I reboot my pc. So basically after I reboot my rig if I manage to open my internet browser before eset antivirus starts I was able to connect but once eset's process starts it is gone. I use the latest build of windows 10 version 2004 / 19041.450
  2. Hello everyone. I have been using eset products for almost a year both at my pc and smart phone. Lately, I've started to experience kind of weird internet connection issues. Whenever I start to play an online game, upload a file or whenever more than 3 device connects to my internet network, my internet connection would suddenly drops off for 5 to 10 minutes. One day my desktop rig stopped connecting totally. As a film editor I have to upload/download enormous size of footages and attend to online meetings with production crew about the projects and I was at the middle one of them so
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