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  1. Hi all, The ESET online shop fixed the problem on their end - I would say the changed email address was the cause here. The license is now shown as valid for another 3 years and also with the expected 3 PCs. many thanks for everyone's help! M
  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for checking. I renewed existing license and was told by Austrian support (support@sicontact.at) that in such case, the key does not change so I would not have received anything via email either. The existing license should just have been extended. Is this correct? Also, it is the correct license, as when I request the license details to be resent, I receive the same license on the expected email address. Therefore this seems like an issue with the ESET eShop/Nexway. I have already requested a refund for the NOD32 renewal via https://eshop.e
  3. Maybe it helps - here is Order Number - 2A2R4GAWW38 Invoice Number - FR-20-001340471 M
  4. Hi Marcos, public license id is 33C-3HM-9GA
  5. Hi guys, I renewed yesterday my existing NOD32 license online (via NOD32 renew license option) and also added a new mobile security license to it. For this order I used different email than the one I used for buying the existing NOD32 license 3 years ago. All went well, paid and received the new license key for mobile security. However, my existing NOD32 license key is still shown as expiring in 7 days in NOD32 and my.eset.com license manager - see attached screenshots. I tried to contact Austrian support, they told me that there is an issue with license synchronizatio
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