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  1. Hi, my ESET Internet Security blocked www.takhfifan.com my ESET blocked all takhfifan.com pages Except main page. could you please review it? I think this site is clear. Thank You. Best Regards , Disna
  2. Hi , I hope ESET Managers Can answer these Question : 1- What time & Date ESET Start blocked this Url ? " hxxp://duruntash.mihanblog.com " 2- ESET partner told , ESET must blocked this site . i ask : why ESET must blocked a most valid Security & Antivirus News Agency ? They do not sell any AV or software ! Thank You .
  3. Hi , you told me " hxxp://duruntash.mihanblog.com i have questions : 1- which distibutor ? 2- have ESET partner at iran ? is ESET Activity in Iran ? 3- why ESET fear , users access to most valid and trusty Security News Website ?
  4. This blog is most valid Security blog ( site ) with persian language . when ESET blocked it and do not unblock it , not good for ESET company .
  5. Dear Pavilion_alex , our website is 100% Clear . We only issue news & article about Security & Antivirus contents . Also only ESET blocked our website and other AV companies specially most valid Security companies same Webroot , Trend Micro , Norton Symantec and .. do not blocked our website. ( you can check at virustotal ) I hope you can solve this problem . Thank you . Best Regards , Disna
  6. Hello , i hope ESET Company unblock our Security & Antivirus News Website . hxxp://duruntash.mihanblog.com/ Do you think ESET blocked our site becuase fear from Webroot & Trend Micro and any AV Brands We Introduction ? We do not stop issue news and Training about most valid and trusty Security companies at our Website and blog . We hope you understand Continuation block our site have More losses for ESET Company . Regards , Disna : Durantash Information Security News Agency . hxxp://duruntash.mihanblog.com/
  7. Hi , I am waiting for answer . Why ESET support Team and ESET forum managers do not answer me and why do not re-analys this Url and unblock it ??? Regards , hxxp://duruntash.mihanblog.com
  8. Hi , i sent Many request to ESET support and samples@eset.com for re- check a site . ESET blocked this site , but do not answer my tickets and emails . hxxp://duruntash.mihanblog.com We checked this site with Virustotal , Trend Micro , Symantec and BrightCloud Reputation web safe Services and do not show any malware or threat on site . I am waiting . Regards ,
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