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  1. I posted those for Shocked since he said he enjoyed watching them. And I know that you didn't enjoy watching them torture me, or hopefully you didn't mean that. I try to be as light hearted about the whole situation as I can, though I am exhausted. I am having to move for the 6th time in 3 years because of these people. They cause such choas wherever I am at and destoy everyone devices, that they just have to kick me out. And I don't blame them. The time before that they sent 2 SWAT Teams to my residence. That was on the news, they evacuted the schools for a square mile, there were like
  2. If you all want to see the impossible, things that people say cannot happen, or that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that a hacker could do. Go to my Original YouTube page. Superfish Victim. This all began on Dec 24,2014 when my Dear Mother gave me a Lenovo Laptop for xmas and I noticed it had Superfish Embedded within it. I literally found in when I was reading the binary in the registry. I mean how boring can a guys life get to where I am reading binary in a Windows Laptop's registry. There you will see 6 long years of the most heinous attrocities anyone could do to another through online ha
  3. Peteyt, I swear on my Grandfather's Grave that I did not misinform anyone nor am I trying to scare anyone. I am documenting the daily torture that is happening to me. I did want to apologize if I barked back at you, I did not mean to be rude. I am just so frustrated and confused as to how and why this is happening to me. I will apologize about the quality and poor recordings that I have done, my friend Matt told me that the camera was too jumpy and he couldn't follow along. If you want to hear one of the scariest videos that I captured, watch the link that I attach below. This is when I
  4. Peteyt, you have only doubted me and questioned me in all of you fixes. You couldn't explain why stage freight was running and said things look normal. Stage freight is not on the recover logs of Google pixel 4a phones. And you said have I ever tried to compare my phone with another pixel 4a. That was you fix. Anyways, can you answer the question that I had today. Because in your response I didn't read any kind of explanation for the problem which I have identified. Amd to respond to itman. I am just downloading the Eset app from the Google play store.
  5. So either I have the only Chromebook that supposedly can't be hacked and your app is not working or my Chromebook has been hacked and this is proof that I am in fact under hacker attack and being cyber bullied and harassed. You tell me and if I were to be hacked where should I go? The police won't lift a finger.
  6. So I bought a brand new Chromebook and then installed Eset. Eset then states when I try and activate the anti phishing that I need to download Google chrome from the play store. So, I clicked on the word in red "Install" and it takes me to Google chrome in the play store. So, then Google Chrome appears in the play store and it says in bold red letters, your device is not compatible with this version of Chrome? I am running Chrome 87 from the start, so what is the deal?
  7. I also would like to do a demonstration of this for anyone that would like to watch. I also have $313 left to my name and will bet it all that it will happen again. What I mean by "It" is, that any Network I walk into, I.E. Walmart, Best Buy, Office Max, Apple Store (keep in mind this is also without even logging in the network with Airplane mode on Bluetooth off) that the second I walk even within 30 feet of ANY Network, that it will be immediately compromised, 3 Net Bots will be activated, as well as a surgoate System 32 Program will come to life and my device will be Nuked. I live in Pho
  8. Guys, First of all I want to thank you for looking into my extremely serious situation. Second, I want you all to know that I am no expert on Android nor a programmer by any means. My videos are poorly made, this is because I have been hacked and harassed by a group of people for almost 6 years now It all started when I saw Superfish running on my device and began to blog people about the dangers Since then I have been harassed every minute of every hour of every day These hackers have literally destroyed every aspect of my life All relationships have suffered irreversible damag
  9. How is it that Eset didn't pick up on the stagefreight on my phone? Even with the Stagefreight detector. If you want to see the whole log you can see it on my YouTube page along with the what these hackers have done to destroy my life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyZ_2CBMwz8
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