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  1. Marcoa, as administrator I'm surprised you are unaware that file and system cleaning is used to free up space on ones computer. I'm even more surprised that you refer to ESET NOD32 AV as a "legacy product with limited support. No doubt senior personnel in ESET would not be too pleased with your statement. Legacy product or not I still pay a annual license fee and have every right to expect support for my ESET AV. Which by the way is a good product except for this one problem that was originally outlined by me. In fact my ESET license covers a PC, laptop and smartphone. It's only the Linux PC that I have this difficulty with. The issue was brought by me to the attention of both the local ESET agent and directly to ESET senior personnel last year. I was given to expect the matter would be taken care of in the March release of NOD32 AV. However, this was not the case and so I have brought the matter to the attention of a wider audience as a kite flying exercise to find a solution. By the way I am in my 79th year and early in life was a telecommunications engineer before moving into company and project management, and expect better from a forum administrator. IanSL
  2. I’m no computer geek. However, since switching from data farming, information plundering MS Windows to Linux I’ve managed to fix all bar one persistent issue encountered post the changeover. And that involves ESET. For my first three months with Linux, I initially used Ubuntu and later switched to Mint, I struggled to find a decent strait forward easy to use quality AV app. And for those Linux users who say anti-virus protection is unnecessary I say think again. Following the change from MS I encountered three virus problems which were ultimately fixed by ESET when installed it nine months ago. But the nagging problem I have encountered with ESET is that after undertaking file cleaning, and when starting my PC on the following day ESET does not load and I have to run the ESET ‘repair wizard’ to get it operational. After which ESET works perfectly until I do another file clean. To me it appears there is a bug in the ESET system causing this issue because file cleaning does not impact on any other application I have loaded. Surely the Linux geeks and ESET system engineers can get their heads together to fix this ongoing problem. And don’t tell me I’m the only person on the planet who has reported this ongoing problem with ESET on Linux. Ian
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