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  1. Okaaayyyy so when i tried it and reboot, the firewall was actually working. Really weird, i tried to reboot like 3-4 times last time and nothing occured, and now it worked from a single try. Anyway, everything's fine.
  2. Okay i will do that ! I'm not on the concerned computer before monday so there will be some time >< I will do it then. Thx for your responsiveness.
  3. Hi there ! I'm new on eset internet security (thx to sales) but i can't enjoy it since all the web devices wont start... My computer is brand new, i checked for all the drivers, all the programs, everything working. I chose to install ESET since i used it on my last computer and there was a sale, so i went for an upgrade with internet security. I installed it without trouble, I entered my new license key, and got it working. Except when i go into config on eset, everything is green but web protection : firewall is red, ids, botnet.. Are red, When ESET asked to restart the computer, I did it : the eset firewall replaced the windows firewall into the main menu, but it still wont work, and ESET will still ask me to restart. I did it again and again, it doesnt change. So i made network "home network" into ESET. My computer is connected to internet with a lan/ethernet port, and I really cant figure what to do there. I got the lastest version of EIS. I'm not really into these things so that's boring.
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