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  1. I contacted the official support and got the solution now: edit /usr/share/applications/eset-esets_gui.desktop and change the line starting with exec to: Exec=/opt/eset/esets/lib/esets_clean.sh after that, the GUI works fine.
  2. I've installed Debian 10.5.0 on my Desktop Computer now also, exact same here. Not able to start any GUI. benjamin@pc01:/opt/eset/esets/bin$ ./esets_gui Anderer Prozess esets_gui wird bereits ausgeführt root@pc01:~# killall esets_gui root@pc01:~# exit Abgemeldet benjamin@pc01:/opt/eset/esets/bin$ ./esets_gui nothing more.
  3. Yes, you are right, if i start the gui via terminal again, it's telling me, that theres already a process running. I can kill the running process and start it again via terminal but nothing happens, also no terminal output, and i cant see any GUI. I'll try to reinstall the application again tomorrrow, feeback then.
  4. Same Problem Debian Buster 10.5.0 libappindicator1 installed, GUI not working anyway.
  5. Resolved: xhost + (as normal user) that did it.
  6. Hello community, could anyone run eset nod32 with debian buster already? i get the following errors: Gtk-Message: 13:09:07.097: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" No protocol specified (eset_nod32av_64bit_de.linux:5721): Gtk-WARNING **: 13:09:10.674: cannot open display: :0 think some kind of wayland problem? Any suggestions? Best regards, Benjamin
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