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  1. It turns out that Directory Opus 11.4 modifies IE/Firefox to do some communication on restart. With Agnitum Outpost, I stopped DO from modifying IE and some proxy settings. and DO did not call home. This is in 8.1. For some reason in 7, it does not call home with Eset blocking DO (I dissalow communication permanately with Eset). So I leave it to ESET to figure out exactly what is going on in 8.1
  2. Does eset plan to address the firewall issue I found, when 8.1 updates or restarts, you lose protection. https://forum.eset.com/topic/2605-eset-outgoing-fails-to-block-on-restart-of-81/
  3. Again, I have no idea how this application managed to beat the firewall, but I do not allow apps to call home. The app was Directory Opus 11.4.
  4. Works on 7. Apparently happens in the restart sequence of 8.1 as a program was allowed to call out that was blocked (I run interactive). I view this as a fairly serious security issue.
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