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  1. Any guess as to why the detection doesn't happen on W8.1 but on W10?
  2. The desktop I mentioned earlier (with no detection), is running W8.1 while the laptop is on W10. I tried it on a family member's laptop running W10, also using ESET, and it reported a detection. I also tried a different ISP, by tethering my phone and I no longer have a detection on my laptop. Modifying the DNS didn't help, the threat is still being reported. So, after all, looks like something to do with my ISP?
  3. Yes, I get it as soon as I open it. I have two browsers installed, Firefox and Edge. I can reproduce on both. It only happens on this computer. Another computer, also running ESET Internet Security, on the same network does not detect anything.
  4. Okay. Please find it attached. eis_logs.zip
  5. I have collected the log. Can I send it to you over DM?
  6. I keep getting this warning informing me that the threat (in title) was found when I try to visit a specific forum. This however, only happens on my laptop. Visiting the forum using my desktop (running the same ESET product) doesn't ring any alert. Also, yesterday a friend shared a link: airline-empires.com and I get the same threat on this website as well. The odd thing again is, I don't get any detection on my desktop. The common trait of the two sites are, they use HTTP. Curious, I've been trying different HTTP only sites and most of them, give me this threat, irrespective of the
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