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  1. I have enabled Anti-Theft. I am using ESET Smart Security version 7.0.302.0 Wow, okay. I just went to the anti-theft page and saw the "unauthorized user" I was trying to delete. It is a phantom account. Lol. Thank you so much. You have saved me from an even bigger headache than I already have dealing with this.
  2. I was recently aware of an unauthorized user on my computer with a wierd user name. I have tried several times to delete it, but it keeps returning. I know it has to be some kind of Trojan or virus, but I don't know what kind. ESET doesn't detect it, and I have used several other programs to try to remove it without success. I have also tried the steps outlined in the support topic "I think I have a virus", and it still didn't work. I'd hate to have to restore to factory settings, but I will do it if there is no other solution. Can anyone help? I deleted the user again, but will post pictures
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