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  1. So it turns out that when my BT dongle is unplugged the scanner works without problems but that is not really an option for me here since I need that connection. Feels like I'm now forced to disable the scans entirely then since it is extremely disruptive and also doesn't work anyway because it gets stuck and then shuts down. If a technician wants to replicate this issue then simply plug in a Trust 4.0 BT dongle. https://www.trust.com/en/product/18187-manga-bluetooth-4-0-adapter
  2. Well I have done a full clean Windows install here, the problem is still there, except now it's "com5"....
  3. There is not even a "Com4" file in that folder even though the scan shows it tried to open several com4.extensions in that location.
  4. @itman The scan that I have been testing with is just the regular scan. Doing a custom one with "System Registry" and "WMI database" unchecked causes no issues.
  5. Collected a new log and did some additional testing, it seems to be about Bluetooth. - Turning on the headphones during the scan makes it unable to connect with the PC, as soon as the scan is done then it connects. - The scan gets stuck on "com4.scr" in the System32 folder from windows. - Cancelling after it reached "com4.scr" takes 90 seconds before it really stops. During this the cancel button becomes grey but the animation bar keeps going and the timer also keeps ticking. If this info provides a possible solution then I'm happy to try it, else I might just go with a fresh
  6. @Nightowl Using a SSD and Intel I7 so i got a pretty decent system, when checking the taskmanager nothing is under heavy load during the scan. @Marcos Yes the issue is gone when unticking those 2 tasks, had it disabled today and as expected no audio issues occurred. After enabling the tasks again a little while later the scan happened and my audio starts stuttering during the scan. Have been using Eset for over 20 years and been using this headset for about 6 years without problems, this issue started after the latest update.
  7. Hey Marcos, Was waiting for the scan to happen again which it just did. Couldn't find a way to interrupt the scan at all, I tried "Pause Protection" and also unticking the "System startup file check" task (which i think is the correct one based on the time it started) did not stop the scan. As soon as the scan is done then the audio is back to normal again. Thank you for the assistance! eis_logs.zip
  8. Since the last update I started having audio issues, regardless of whether the source is from YouTube or an application like MusicBee. The "startup scan" runs about 3-4 times during the day and while it does my audio will start to stutter. I'm using a Bluetooth connected headphone.
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