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  1. When they start to sell their products to the Portuguese Shops? No shop in Portugal have .. As you know Portugal is a huge country, soon we need you to do partnerships or sell if their products in big stores! Marketing with potential .. Since we can buy online, but some people do not like buying online and prefer to buy via Shop, soon it was good you begin to sell products here in Portugal .. Stores do not accept partnerships? Have no problems SEEK Stores Informatica! Yes .. well .. Ouvio Stores Informatica pieces of hardware many of them accept and so recommend. I'll leave here a list of sto
  2. ESET need to add any more protection Keyboard - Encrypt functionality we write to to prevent hackers from viewing what we walked to write a good encryptação become more secure our passwords, hence the eset make a tool that encrypts what we typed on the keyboard is all encrypted. RootKit - ESET need to improve the detection of malware with rootkit .. Very malware uses rootkit to hide in the system, although detected in memory would be great .. something that becomes better detection of rootkits in the system, some inject the System Services and ESET ta not prepared to deal with it .. Even tho
  3. I uninstalled eset to reinstall the previous version of the problem .. eset eset 8 beta is uninstalling says Falfa six minutes to uninstall and when I see the past 6 minutes, keeps uninstalling it, to uninstall eset takes a long time, have to improve it, if I have a problem and need to reinstall it to uninstall demors much says missing 6 minutes to complete uninstallation and when you will see it takes more than 6 minutes, has to improve and correct the uninstall because is very slow and takes
  4. I Send to Support Hello, I installed the new beta version of ESET, loved the news but I think they should add a few things, not only as ADD BETTER few mechanisms. Let\'s move on to the problems - Scanning and detection in Memory, needs to improve, and they DETECTING malware yes .. But as I said needs to improve to detect cleaning .. He tries to clean up, but in turn is unsuccessful .. And then comes again the warning that a threat has been detected in Memory .. and I give clean the virus, it can not clear when this virus have enabled the persistence .. Some viruses when the process is close
  5. ESET ta think going by a very good way but lacking some things that could make it better if adicionassem the following options: Improve Firewall is very important to have a good firewall and I think that ESET is not yet at the level of the other antivirus much you can improve, such as adding IP blacklisting. what is this? Simple! When a malicious program is detected in your computer, although it is obfuscated if ESET detects 1xx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP, and that IP finds the black list is blocked and neutralized by ESET, basically the IP black listing serves to block malicious programs whose PIs pr
  6. Not so, I wonder if ESET 8 will leave me to wait, because it's so .. My antivirus to expire this license and buy this thinking ESET, now I will not buy ESET to 7 in a few 2 or 3 months out ESET 8 .. I want to know if it will come out ESET 8 for gear users out if I wait and buy! That's the point, I say give ESET takes too long to start the testing phase .. My license is about to expire, and wanted to buy the eset .. Where will leave ESET 8? Any news about that?
  7. When will ESET begins to make its new version? Competitors have started with their betas Any 1 month ESET still nothing? When this planned new antivirus ESET for the testing phase? I'm anxious, but I think the ESET should take the time competitors in the beta stages, the eset is almost always the last to get the beta phase of the new antivirus .. Any news? When you get super anxious to see the new
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