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  1. ESET need to add any more protection Keyboard - Encrypt functionality we write to to prevent hackers from viewing what we walked to write a good encryptação become more secure our passwords, hence the eset make a tool that encrypts what we typed on the keyboard is all encrypted. RootKit - ESET need to improve the detection of malware with rootkit .. Very malware uses rootkit to hide in the system, although detected in memory would be great .. something that becomes better detection of rootkits in the system, some inject the System Services and ESET ta not prepared to deal with it .. Even tho
  2. ESET ta think going by a very good way but lacking some things that could make it better if adicionassem the following options: Improve Firewall is very important to have a good firewall and I think that ESET is not yet at the level of the other antivirus much you can improve, such as adding IP blacklisting. what is this? Simple! When a malicious program is detected in your computer, although it is obfuscated if ESET detects 1xx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP, and that IP finds the black list is blocked and neutralized by ESET, basically the IP black listing serves to block malicious programs whose PIs pr
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