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  1. ESET need to add any more protection Keyboard - Encrypt functionality we write to to prevent hackers from viewing what we walked to write a good encryptação become more secure our passwords, hence the eset make a tool that encrypts what we typed on the keyboard is all encrypted. RootKit - ESET need to improve the detection of malware with rootkit .. Very malware uses rootkit to hide in the system, although detected in memory would be great .. something that becomes better detection of rootkits in the system, some inject the System Services and ESET ta not prepared to deal with it .. Even though they say yes, no not this one. I did own tests. Safe System(It was good to add)- ESET should add a tool called "Safe System" with this tool ESET analyze WHOLE PC demand Vulnerability Programs and Windows Updates .. And still should do more, such as check this.. ESET could check and correct if hackers were intended to disable any of these listed utilities. MSConfig(It was good to add) -Many hackers, via remote access, attempt to disable options that are not discovered so disable some Windows functions such as priority would be MSCONFIG, since this tool it is possible to know which programs start with Windows .. and those who do not . Regedit - Many hackers also disable regedit and msconfig because it is where the most advanced users are going to remove it once it installs itself in the Windows Registry the priority of Hackers is to disable anyone know who is infected .. Task Manager(It was good to add) - It may seem stupid, but many do it .. To give more work to newcomers and people who understand nothing of computer, disable the task manager to check the processes anyone. CMD - It is widely used by hackers, but some also inactivate .. File Extensions (BEST OPTION! It was good to add)- I would say that this option is the best option for ESET add, when hackers want to try to avenge all the cost, corrupt the Windows extensions .. How so? Extensions like jpg, png, exe, jpeg, are corrumpidas by hackers ouvio Yes .. well .. Some of them even do it to provoke a corrumpção the system .. Soon these extensions stopped working correctly .. This is where ESET have to get that analyze program modifies or attempts corrumper extensions and send for analysis. RAT detection - RAT means Remote Acess Tool, ESET need to improve the detection of the same, I'm not talking about the virus but FIREWALL .. Antivirus can even block the virus, but the firewall almost even detects an intruder in the system .. not even the warning .. It is ai that ESET has to improve .. If your antivirus does not detect .. the Connection Firewall analyzes and blocks the IP and the port in question .. This is what needs to improve the eset .. Firewall blocking trojans, keyloggers connections. SafeBox - Basically it would be a chest, ESET analyzing the program to run and if he had not digital signature details like Name, Copyright .. If a program did not have that, ESET put this same executable, a safebox (sandbox) that everything we do in this program is analyzed by the program modifies ESET ESET continues to analyze something is like a LOG .. And if you notice strange behavior is sent to the cloud for analysis. Malware Delayed - Many malware to evade proactive protection, using DELAY, yes .. Once the antivirus analyzes for example have one file to parse in 1 Minute .. found nothing, this virus has a delay of 2 minutes for booting the connection .. that is where many try to fool the antivirus, ESET should also be aware of it and get something to protect it.
  2. ESET ta think going by a very good way but lacking some things that could make it better if adicionassem the following options: Improve Firewall is very important to have a good firewall and I think that ESET is not yet at the level of the other antivirus much you can improve, such as adding IP blacklisting. what is this? Simple! When a malicious program is detected in your computer, although it is obfuscated if ESET detects 1xx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP, and that IP finds the black list is blocked and neutralized by ESET, basically the IP black listing serves to block malicious programs whose PIs present in the black list are hackers or invasadores and so will be easily blocked with ip blacklist Another point is the rapid analysis ESET does not have an option for quick analysis, intelligent takes almost 30 minutes or 1 hour, a quick scan only serves to verify the paths where the virus constumam normally install, a quick search was ideal also .. One thing I would think is very good at eset Camfeting(VERY GOOD and Important) what's this? is an option to prevent hackers or attackers to view your webcam, hackers, intruders, hackers always like to see who is behind the monitor, and that this option would do is tell the user that Program X in X folder you trying to view this your webcam, al the user decides whether to block or allow access to the same, may also create a blacklist of malicious programs try to access the webcam, and also could add a option and exclusions could come already configured to allow viewing the webcam on Skype , Hotmail, Facebook, ooVoo, and other well known programs .. the rest is left to the user to add exclusions. On the firewall I'm feeling a lack of resolve hostsnames and IP and Port .. Firewall lot that will be very useful, should also add the following categories to be able to view the firewall - Open Ports (sample open ports on your computer, and the programs that are using IP, port, the Directorate and if possible the parents where they come from) - Network Traffic (very useful to know which program is using too much bandwidth is much easier to detect malware that is connected to our PC, and you can add a black list to the right) - Blocked Computers (Sample the IP block can unlock or lock all or allowing for X minutes or hours) One thing that is lacking in ESET is segure payments via banks who uses Online like me, you always have extra security although it is useless, it's always good to have more security .. The Eset does not have a secure wallet or a safe keypad. There is a useful thing, that should also add that ESET is blocking changes in the mouse settings .. Yes. Many hackers try to change the right side of the mouse to the left side .. How so? example some hackers use programs to change the options on the right side to the left side of the options on the left go to the right, and the right pass options to the left .. many hackers use it to hinder the person handling the computer, as such ESET could block or warn X user that a program is trying to change the computer settings .. Pages of fright or broken, many hackers in malicious programs try to open scary exorcist type pages, or others .. ESET could have a black list .. also to block and prevent Hackers enjoy with our face .. I also feel the lack of a Network Monitor, showing basically the reports Firewall and internet connections could show how much was used in 6 months or 3 months .. and 1 week .. It is very useful. Many Hackers use crypters made ​​in visual basic 2006 (VB6) most crypters are made by amateurs is ai or novice is almost always done in this program that is most ideal crypters then was trying to find some way to block or find that was encrypted. It remains to add one thing that many antivirus ignore! Yes .. ADWARE Adware is in websites installers, these adware modify our home page and add extensions and create files in the Windows registry and modify the htdocs changing the home page of the browser and the search engine would be the ideal eset invent something which does not allow such a thing .. it is very annoying Adware is a plague is also considered an intruder and a persistent virus! Many antivirus does not bind to it .. Few care but the truth is that this is becoming more persistent and ended up finding on several websites for download. Summarizing the ESET needs to improve in the following sections (and maybe add more options or better) - Firewall (would be nice to add ESET flags of countries on the firewall, but detected programs or open should be sampled where the connection comes from parents that .. Basically ESET would make a Lookup IP and route of parents who come to connect .. (ex : China, HongKong or Holland) - Search Engine Malware - Network Monitor (connections, protocols, ports and the like) - Secure Payments (Online Banking, Insurance Payments) - Camfeting - Analyze Malware in Memory (improvement is not always removed the virus when it is persistent, although most cases are detected does not get to remove when it is persistent) - Quick Review
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