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  1. Thanks, that was the solution! But one weird thing there was no any Mobile Device Connector policy on MDM before. I am afraid ERA will trying to change new policy with "ghost" policy over and over and vice versa ???
  2. Should I update policy for local subnet new IPs? How to do that? I have 1 Management Agent Policy applied with 3 entries: WAN IP, old local IP, new local IP
  3. Very weird both servers are in same subnet, same switch. Both are reachable from WAN IP. Mobile devices can contact with MDM and ERA shows: GlaxyS10 Updated 2020 Jul 23 15:04:52 0 0 ESET Endpoint Security Update time is correct but I known that phone using not I did not find any blocked traffic on firewall, all rules for ESET are clearly pass. From ESET expert perspective: I should only change both servers IPs and reconfigure agents on servers?
  4. OK I found the issue but i have no solution. When i rollback servers before update nothing changed but when I back to previous network configuration everything back to normal functionality. The question is: How to change subnet for both eset servers without bad impact.
  5. Hi I have Era and MDM installed for years. Last week Both servers have been moved to different subnet and updated. Era works OK but something is wrong with MDM. All mobile clients contacts with MDM and ERA but no updates all data is old. Task for mobiles does not work. I tried to fix agent on MDM side and looks OK. I found 2 errors, both are fixed now: There is problem with connection to remote peer Error: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "NameOfOurESETServer.com" port: 2222' failed Both errors back after reboot
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