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  1. If I remember correctly, I enabled Anti-Theft during its initial installation. At that time the installation walked me through the creation of a phantom account, which I named "Guest1". This phantom account has now been in existence for more than a year, and during all that time I never saw another phantom account created by ESET - until a few days ago. That is why I'm wondering if in fact it really was created by ESET and not by an outsider that breached my security. Do you know if newer, upgraded versions of ESET create their own phantom account? And if so, where on the ESET web site wo
  2. Hi. I've had ESET Smart Security on my laptop for quite some time now. When I first installed it, I configured the Anti-Theft feature and set up a Phantom Account with a name of my choosing. Recently, and much to my surprise when I turned on my laptop two days ago, I noticed a new user account with the name "ymvifpcstwob". Thinking this may be some kind of security breach I immediately deleted the account. However, when I booted up yesterday, the same new user account was there. Since it was a Standard User with no password, I logged in and found nothing suspicious. However, upon return
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