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  1. Recently (not really) my computer crashed while I was playing, when it restart my computer.. Suddenly, all my files were reverted to the point where I was using the computer for 3 months! So I panicked, searching the web about it, got nothing, I restarted my CP and everything was back to normal, I calmed down and afterwards I got confused on how it happened, if anyone knows about this, please tell me about it. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I'm new to this, so please don't bite me, recently my brother has been accidentally visiting sites with malware, when recently he just gotten the win32/InstallerEx Trojan, We have been using this antivirus for a very long time, and I cleaned them off the quarantine folder, deleting them permanently, But when I went to use the computer and click the "Statistics graph" and it said "Infected files: 1" and on the other hand it said "Cleaned Files: 3" I'm just wondering if I can locate this "Infected" file, I ran a smart scan too, But it found nothing, Thanks! Hope I can fix this issue soon, I also forgot to use malwarebytes, but I'll run a scan when I get on the computer again.
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