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  1. Do you have a foresight about this release? Thanks for your reply @Marcos
  2. We're moving a file server to the cloud and as recommended by Microsoft, the antivirus must have the option to do not read file with specific attribute, as mention below. Quote from Microsoft: "-Antivirus Because antivirus works by scanning files for known malicious code, an antivirus product might cause the recall of tiered files, resulting in high egress charges. In versions 4.0 and above of the Azure File Sync agent, tiered files have the secure Windows attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_RECALL_ON_DATA_ACCESS set. We recommend consulting with your software vendor to learn how to configure their solution to skip reading files with this attribute set (many do it automatically)." source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/file-sync/file-sync-planning Does anyone use uses ESET in this kind of environment? Could someone from ESET support confirm that if ESET is compatible? *Server Win2019 - 1809 / ESET 8.0.12003.0 Thanks and regards
  3. Hi Team, I tried to update the webmin with the latest update (using the webinterface) as usual, but this time got the error: 'file /usr/libexec/webmin/blue-theme from install of webmin-1.973-1.noarch conflicts with file from package webmin-1.970-1.noarch' I tried to find this path in CentOS, to remove 'webmin-1.970-1.noarch' but couldn't find the file inside the folder as the message shows, tried in the 'blue-theme', install(folder) and no results. Does anyone else with similar issue?
  4. Hi Martin, Thanks for your suggestions and I followed the standards all our local hosts communicate and overseas the same (when they use VPN rather than DA). Let me try to clarify that I have some reports here to share, maybe can help to understand. Kind regards,
  5. Does anyone get issues (machines not responding) when they are using DirectAccess (MS DirectAccess) without VPN? We've plenty of machine overseas using DA trough the network, but geting some reports I figured out some machine doesnt respond a month ago, but the machine continues responding to our other servers and features like audit stuff and etc. Testing today, asked to an user overseas connect trough the VPN and almost instantelly when he connected the ESMC indentified his connection and updated his machine with latest version of EndPoint, BUT it was suppose to happen with DirectAccess as same. It is an ESET issue or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Hi there, I'm looking for some way to share our reports from ESMC dashboard in other places, our case inside Sharepoint IT directory and PRTG monitor (both using HTML). We current monitor our stuff and everything is on the TV, but we want to insert there just one of the reports from ESMC, "Device Status" as an example. Is it possible to export a table report as HTML ? Someone already did it?
  7. Not yet...Thanks for asking. I tried a lot of things and the number just increase, still waiting some solution from ESET Staff.
  8. I understand exactly, I've tried filters suggested here, policies, reset the rogue, re-sync the server after each filter applied and after that, checked the Rogue report and...The IPs still there. Thanks for share your experience with us, I'm still waiting for some update/solution from ESET team. Need to have some options on rogue to delete or "hide" these IPs from printers, phones and others stuff.
  9. Yes Nightowl, but there wasn't any option to hide or even delete these IP/MAC address. Thanks for the suggestion MartinK. Is this policy supposed to run just on machines running ESET right? Because, I applied your suggestion for 2 printers, blacklisted the IP's and they continues showed in the Rogue report. How to clean this number? Currently, I have 157 "ghost machines" there.
  10. Hey team, I looked for this subject but didn't solve my issue... In ESMC, on the botton we have the statistcs for Rogue Computers, how can I delete them ? Most of them are disable on AD, others are printers, vms... Running: ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.2 (7.2.2233.0)ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.2 (
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