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  1. @Peter Randziak We have installed 7.3 on the machine and are testing if the problem re-appears. If we find another computer where the publicly released patch reproduces the same issue, I will let you know and provide a memory dump of ekrn.exe.
  2. It does indeed. The network problems are gone. However the scan itself doesn't complete now on this one machine. So it's not necessarily related to the network problems, however the problem is only partly solved by the patch. It was just an attempt to warn you that the patch might not work on every machine as you probably at least want to recheck that.
  3. After further testing of the patch we have a computer where it resolves the network connectivity issues, however the startup scan doesn't finish. Spoken computer is running Windows 10 1809 with ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2272.7 and the patch provided yesterday (Cleaner 10001). Memory usage about normal compared to the other computers I have seen. The known workarounds with disabling the systemintegration or disabling http scanning doesn't resolve the network issues (without the patch). With the patch the scan doesn't complete. Disabling the startup scan/not running it doesn't trigger the
  4. We are already prepared for that and will update in the near future after our tests have completed. Thanks for the reminder tho.
  5. The patch solves the issue for Windows10 2004 with ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2271.1. Also RAM allocation and scan time looking way better (attached image).
  6. I need the cleaner_test_dat32bit.zip tho. Thank you in advance.
  7. I cannot download the files. They show unvailable to me.
  8. I haven't been able to create the procdump one for exactly the same reason (Win10 2004), I got a Windows one however: https://cloud.maxlxl.de/index.php/s/it2ZqYa5M6S8nz8
  9. I'm getting an "Access Denied (5)" for ekrn.exe
  10. Hello, we noticed a few of our Windows computers to have network issues similar to the already described ones in here too. One Windows 7 and two dozen of Windows 10 with primarily update 1909, but also 2004. ESET Versions 5.0.2237 to 5.0.2272. We can reproduce the network issues by (either automatically or manually) running the "automatic startup file check" under schedule manager on the clients. This explains the different times after a reboot, when the problem occurs. ESET seems to not run the scan instantly and runs it a little bit delayed after system boot or latest on update o
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