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  1. well actually it has an effect as you can see in the error report of the game. maybe it has something to do that the game has also a brwoser ingame that you can open. Dont know for what this dll is really good for but it has an effect on the game so it is blocking it
  2. Hello Im using eset for years now. always happy with it. But now i, and i think everyone that uses eset smart security, has a problem with the game Counterstrike Global Offensive The game blocks ESET\ESET Security\x86\eamsi.dll GXS:;TFL:59000000;TFC:5E000000;PVC:F8754000409E3F0068254200B04D4100 dont really know why but it does. I know that this is not dangerous in any was but there is a new anti cheat mode in this game and you as a company/developer have to digitally sign this blocked dlls with valve. Is there any information about that??
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