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  1. with the version this slowness on startup scan has disappeared. scan happens quickly . the issue is resolved. thank you eset. 😀
  2. HI ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus v6.0.25.0 Yesterday I updated the ESET AV app from Google Playstore and since then the icon from home screen has disappeared. After that even the ESET Uninstall button is replaced by a deactivate button. Can somebody tell me what happened?
  3. then this can termed as a feature request for eset developers 😀 hope they incorporate this in next updates.
  4. how to create whitelist of domains for a particular application in eset internet security?
  5. Since I am unable to edit the earlier post, I would like to share that the problem with startup scan is getting worse. After every module update the startup scan starts scanning bringing the internet to a crawl. Can I install an older version previous to v13.2.15.0 . I was very happy with it and I faced no issues with eset internet security for around 22 months. Now I am not happy with the way eset has changed startup scan making the PC slow after startup or every module update because of this never ending startup scan.
  6. Today I updated the eset Internet Security to v13.2.16.0 and I enabled the Startup Scan in the scheduler which I had disabled in the previous version because of never ending startup scan which crippled the internet speeds. Now even after the update, the Startup Scan has been running for the more than a hour and it shows no sign of stopping. I would like to know what is the average time taken by startup scan because earlier to eset Internet Security v13.2.15.0 I never faced any problems with eset or the startup and eset was working fine. I am not happy with disabling the startup scan but I have no other alternative now that this update also has the issue of never ending startup scan and slowing down the internet speeds. Kindly help ..how to solve this problem? Windows 10 64bit eset Internet Security v13.2.16.0
  7. yes. I have now disabled the 2 startup scans and after that the PC runs fine. But I am not happy with the startup scan disabled as it is not working as it should. Now what is the way forward?
  8. Since Yesterday I am facing eset Slow Startup Scan that goes on forever forcing me to temporarily disable the startup scan. I have once reinstalled the ESET Internet through Online Installer. But the issue was not resolved. Then I uninstalled it and reinstalled an offline version of the eset Internet Security v13.2 from the eset website. During the startup scan the internet is crippled with slow speeds making the internet usage very difficult. If i disable the auto startup scan in the scheduler and reboot the PC runs smoothly. I did a initial scan twice of my PC's drives but no virus or malware was found. I even used the eset online scanner and that too found no malware or virus. How to resolve this? pls help. Windows 10 x64 eset Internet Security v13.2.15.0
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