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  1. @SlashRose Anyway, both will get resolved, is that right?
  2. Not in this thread. In other one with the title So many bugs....
  3. Ok, but other parts of EIS, are working together to block malware entering my PC in the first place. Is that right? I am also careful and savvy user. Marcos told that this issue of WMI crash will get resolved in the next update/version, do you have any update on that? Thank you.
  4. For now, to not get WMI crashes, I will disable these two. You mean by disabling these, I will have chance of getting malware?
  5. I didn't have WMI crashes before installing EIS. Never.
  6. @itman How to disable startup scan? I have to disable all these depicted in red?
  7. @SlashRose I still have WMI crashes even in 1909. I didn't run any scan, I just saw it happened in Reliability Monitor. Why it happened without running any scan? Does startup scan trigger that?
  8. Just an update: I did a clean install of Win 10 Pro 64bit version 1909 and WMI crash happened again when doing initial scan.
  9. @itman When the next update/fix will be out? Thanks.
  10. Are you on Insider builds on Windows? Because the latest version of Windows is:
  11. They were Windows problem in the past: https://forum.eset.com/topic/23826-wmi-provider-crash/?do=findComment&comment=117201
  12. I got this: But I have WMI crashes in case I run a full scan in ESET Internet Security.
  13. @itman what do you mean by " WMI scan" Is there a setting in ESET Internet Security for that?
  14. @itman I had WMI stopped working today after the day of 7.9.2020 that when I installed ESET Inernet Security. Maybe today it happened because I did a full scan?
  15. For me on Win 10 Pro 64bit, v 2004 it took 20 min to do a full scan. Without in depth scan.
  16. Try yourself, go to step 1 in the screenshot and do a Scan my computer, then after that, come to the main window, ( step number 2 in the screenshot) and click the Scan, now you have two multiple the same scan running. I meant to ask, why it should create second scan.
  17. I meant to say that why another scan is initiated, while the scan was already running.
  18. In the main window, when clicking Computer Scan, and then Scan your computer, it starts the full scan, right? Then if I go to the main window again and this time, click the number 2 indicated in the screenshot, it creates new scan? So why multiple FULL scans at the same time, is that a bug?
  19. I agree. #2 happens for me too. #1 doesn't happen for me. #3 (Gui) couldn't reproduce that.
  20. Thank you, so my key activates ESET Internet Security on two Windows PCs. I am happy about that. Thank you.
  21. In case of no internet connection or connection failure, ESET will try to run the automatic update later again, right?
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