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  1. There is no license available for password manager.. Hmmmm.. okay so you know about the sharing of the license and the person has it and it is installed and they are truly running premium.. Now, I set up anti-theft and that works fine. Then, I went to add password manager and it says that there is no license available for the password manager.. I think this might be another portal issue. I appreciate your help and give thanks. So, bottom line to make sense out of that scribble.. My friend whom I share a license with is trying to setup password manager and the portal is telling her that she does not have a license for password manager even though she is running premium. Thoughts?
  2. Hey Marcos, seems like they fixed the portal. Now the numbers are correct and 3 devices were added properly so far. I was told not to share from within the portal but to give a friend my license number instead. Does that still stand? Also, once a person accepts should I see them as protected or just accepted? Thanks for your help.
  3. Just curious if I should unblock these items and also why they are blocked? I was not sure where to put this question. Move it if necessary. Thanks!
  4. It looks as though something on the backend synced.. I just tried connecting to anti-theft again just to see if there was anything else I could try and once I logged in my device showed up. So this seems to be working now. One question regarding anti-theft. When I add this to my home PC, which unless the house is broken into and stolen. Should I use the same phantom account name? or should all devices have their own phantom device name?
  5. I contacted support.. They in turn had me contact the online support.. They connected to my machine and then went to the portal and were stumped. They deleted my account and we re-created it and still now showing since the other person was lost in the deletion that I am using 2 licenses even though everywhere in the portal it only shows one device. I have to be honest here. This is really messed up. I can't figure it out, they can't figure it out and the end result was just wait and see if it is a syncing problem with their servers. I already did all those things over 10 days ago. They even reissued a new license before the account was recreated. Still 2 of 4 licenses used and only 1 device protected. I certainly hope they get this fixed. It's a real bummer paying for something and basically you can't get a few items to work and not even the information on their servers is correct about your account. You can resolve this, or close it, but I am getting to the point where I might have to look for something better.
  6. I have the new option anti-theft available. When I click to go to the site it prompts me to install anti-theft with 3 easy steps ( I have premium this should not happen ) The first time I tried to follow the installation I thought well maybe there is a little file that needs to be added.. Once I downloaded it and tried to install it, it said I already have the latest version. Kinda made sense since premium should come with it. No matter what I do when I click on the anti-theft it just takes me back to that page to download and install Internet Security the 2nd upgrade from ESET NOD 32. I have tried everything I can think of. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Please don't respond to this unless you are an admin or moderator or support staff. I have been waiting patiently for almost a week now and still no reply from staff I think it's because I am getting bumped lower.. Who knows.. Thanks for doing the support.. It is appreciated. I really need to get this solved. I would prefer not to have to call.
  8. any chance we could get this moved to the portal forum, maybe there it will be seen.. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the replies... Sorry have been ill. I decided to upgrade to Internet Security and then Upgrade to Premium through the portal. It is 2 steps, but I did not have to talk anyone. It was a small fee as stated above and to be honest, the extra features provided for me having used NORTON before. All I can say is I like the way ESET does it better.. its faster, cleaner, its just nice.. So kudoz to ESET for making the premium a great upgrade to invest in.
  10. Thanks for the help and the reply.. Anyone from ESET out there..
  11. I think this photo might help out. The shared person is the same email address for both. As you can see I have 4 seats.. 2 are being used by one person for a single machine. It has something to do with the portal and there is no way to remove one without removing the other since they are both the same email address. Only option is to withdraw. Now, if someone from ESET or otherwise can say " OH, once you get that activated one you can withdraw the other one" well fine.. But I am just not sure what to do at this point. If I use the last license on my other PC then I can't share the 4th seat with my other friend. There will be no licenses/seats left to share. https://imgur.com/1UKuXE1https://imgur.com/1UKuXE1 Thanks for the reply and your help.
  12. Hello there, In the MYESET portal when you share a license it states that the person got your request and then accepted it.. By doing that is shows that 2 licenses were used for one person. I have 4 licenses and I want to share it to another person and I also want to upgrade my PC. I don't want to upgrade my PC in fear that at that point it will say I am using 4 licenses and not 3 and then I won't be able to share my one license with my friend since I have them all used up, but I don't.. I hope that somehow makes sense.. I cannot delete the invitation or the acceptance of the other person. Basically it should send out the invitation and when the person accepts it mark that as a license, once the person connects that invitation acceptance should change to say connected.. thus only one license.. Anyone know how to fix this?
  13. interesting that those numbers don't show up over the actual notifications link at the top. But thank you for letting me know this. I cleared it out. Since we are looking at the console. Do you think that when I upgrade my license to 4 devices it is going to count one person with the same email address as 2 devices? I am sure this is just a console issue. It would be nice if once the person accepted and then activated it would happen under the same one device. Not show 2
  14. Just curious if someone could tell me what these numbers mean? Thanks!
  15. Ahh a progressive purchase.. I will give that a go and post back just to close this post. It will be awhile I am away from the PC at the moment.
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