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  1. Ok, so no problem with the real time protection? A lot of files still seems to be unopened when scanning.. Windows App on program files directory or others.. Is here no risk for real-time security?
  2. Ohhh! i've deselected WMI and Registry and the scanned files seems to grow up now What's the matter with that?? WMI & Registry should not be analysed? Can we unselect them for further standard scan?
  3. Thanks for you answer. the scan is on since 20 minutes now and only 1572 files seems to be scanned... and this number doesn't grow, it's fixed... About 36000 lines on the log says that it can't be openned... I think it was a problem...
  4. Hi, since the update today to version, my ESET Smart Security doesn't scan anymore. All files seems to be locked ("Unable to Open [4]")... I'm administrator and i've test an advanced scan (with scan like an administrator) and nothing... Is it a bug? I'm on Windows 10 1909 18363.900, up to date.
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