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  1. Update: we have uninstalled ESET on a couple of machines, and fault has not reoccurred, so we are now reasonably confident that this problem is originating from ESET AV.
  2. We are on AV 7.1.2045.5 and this week, we've had 7 staff unable to make external TCP connections. The only thing that's changed on their windows PCs is ESET (i.e. no windows updates, dell updates, software installs, etc.). On all PCs, networking is fine, but stops working some time later. Users cannot browse websites, etc., under any browser, and we cannot make http/https connections from commandline. A reboot solves it. If we disable ESET via its GUI, we still encounter the same issue for these 7 users. We are currently trying to uninstall ESET to see if that stops the issues.
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