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  1. when i start up, only this is the ESET related thing in running processes in task manager after clicking the shortcut in the taskbar below it becomes like this is there a page or link for me to open ticket to the local support?
  2. hi sorry for late reply. Just finish duty shifts I exported and uninstalled ESET. Did full shutdown and reinstall + reactivate. ESET is working okay now BUT same issue, still does not autostart and the windows settings, automatically goes off when i close the window I actually tried turning it on, and leaving the window open the whole time. It was still on the whole time, but when i closed it later, still off again when i turn it on
  3. - i unpinned ESET from the taskbar - opened the Apps startup settings and enabled it - closed it, when i reopened, set to off again? - I set it to on, closed, then restarted, when I turned on again, set to off again am I missing a save button in the apps startup? like after switching on, im suppose to press this to "save changes"? since it seems like its not saving the settings i made
  4. it was like this i turned it on as advised i shutdown and restart.. i check back.. off again? I turned it on. closed the apps tab. opened the apps tab again, always comes back "off" how to turn "on" and save as "on"?
  5. i already have ESET pinned to my taskbar ever since i got it to work weeks ago i always clicked it to "open" it every time i started my PC, since it was not appearing in the taskbar you know how its like this at first but if you click it the GUI opens up and the icon will become like this (since an instance is opened)
  6. its set on but still does not appear I see "ESET service on the running tasks of task manager these one's only appear if i specifically open ESET
  7. hey guys thank you for the help! sorry for the late reply.. i was busy for a week and only got to try this last wed been checking if there were any problems and so far since... its been good i still have a system restore point saved, and deleted the 2 tasks... no more pop ups since Wed, and everything been okay since.. thank you i noticed one thing however... when I turn on my PC, ESET does not seem to automatically start up? or it is there, but just hidden? there is no ESET icon here if i specifically open ESET it looks like this now
  8. sorry late reply.. i was away for a while did i get the correct screenshots?
  9. yes that's for my customized desktop icons and layout. had that there since i got the PC in 2016
  10. yes I got that notification also when i turned it on before the scan something is always looking for those 2 files and saying "error" because they are quarantined il try that software. I've been using this every since, it was fine. it only started that this recently (since last sunday)
  11. ah here's the backstory. Had this PC since 2016, and got ESET since. its always been installed and once in a while, makes a notif on warnings. the scan was pretty much automatic and in the background so not much notifs on that. so yeh, it was there and did its job just recently this pandemic/lockdown, i wanted to make a specific scan and noticed the "scan with ESET NOD32" option was not in the rightclick menu anymore. That's when I noticed that ESET seemed uninstall (or partially) and that's why i was asked to try to uninstall-reinstall to fix the problem (before the start of this topic). i do not know exactly when the previous one was gone. I didnt get to use the PC much prior to lockdown, just used a few mins a day and around 4days a week i am doing a full scan this morning as Marcos requested this is the startup directory. That's the only thing here.
  12. Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 7/21/2020 11:40:16 AM;Startup scanner;file;c:\windows\system32\startupchecklibrary.dll;a variant of Win64/Agent.RL trojan;cleaned by deleting;;;B916C068F5FB448649214F55B667BE661E626114;12/14/2018 9:03:26 PM Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 7/21/2020 11:40:15 AM;Startup scanner;file;c:\windows\system32\winscomrssrv.dll;Win64/Agent.NK trojan;cleaned by deleting;;;5E2B7048D92F193ED9E8A7CBECA00A9C294AFF39;2/25/2019 7:47:22 AM
  13. (I'm not sure if I should start a new topic or just continue it here.. let me know if I should just make a new topic) so, ESET NOD32 has been working perfectly fine since, thanks guys but ever since, every time I shutdown and turn my PC back on I get two popup errors one is "StartUpCheckLibrary.dll" and the other is "winscomrssrv.dll" I checked NOD32 quarantine and saw that they were there what is the solution here? is it a false positive since it seems to be a legit Windows file? or is it a real threat, and if so, how do I avoid the error pop up every time? (since seeing this means something's not working right)
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