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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. That's the crazy part...I did see this advanced menu settings earlier today and actually made some changes. Now, I am unable to recreate what I did to get to that menu so I guess it's a glitch or something in the program but I most definitely was at that menu and made some changes earlier this morning. Again, thank you for responding.
  2. "Unlike the NOD32 for Windows settings, I only see 'Enable IMAP protocol checking' and 'Enable POP3 protocol checking' in the Email Protection Setup. There is nothing for IMAPS or POP3S as there is under NOD32 for Windows." Hello all. How do you get to the advanced menu with those https and imaps options? I did get there ONE time but darn if I can get back to those advanced menu settings (not the preferences menu) where you can really drill down and configure Eset Security Pro for Mac v6.0.9.1. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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