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  1. I tried numerous times, up until I was finally locked out, I am 75 years old and my memory just isn't as good as it once was. Add to that I switched from using a desktop to a laptop, my internet provider Frontier.com changed to Spectrum.com and my email provider was also changed from Frontier.com to Spectrum.com. Sorry for being such a nuisance. John
  2. Marcos, believe me I have no intention of violating Forum Rules; but, I obviously did and for this I do apologize. I believe I have accounts with an email address of 1) j.......s@frontier.com, 2) j......s@twc.com, and 3) j.......s@yahoo.com. The reason I have a third account "j.......s@yahoo.com" is I couldn't sign on the other two. I couldn't sign on the first two accounts because I don't remember either the username or the password. I was able to open the third account last night and was able to access it today, so I know it works. If I could I would delete the first two myself but as I understand it to delete an account you have to access it which I cannot. If the accounts, j.......s@frontier.com and j.....s@twc.com can be deleted I would appreciate it very much. Please don't delete j.......s@yahoo.com as it is the only account that I can access the forum with. Please advise.
  3. I wish to thank all replying and will try to respond to each. First, itman. No SUMO does not have the capability to update individual ESET components, at least not to my knowledge. SUMO is only a means to update a users computer programs. I use SUMO Free and it alerts me to what programs, on my computer, have available updates. I manually update the programs myself. Second, Marcos. Your comments are above my expertise. I only know enough to get myself into trouble. Three, Peteyt. SUMO offers a paid and free version. The paid version not only alerts the user to an update but will also install the update if the user wants, I believe from the SUMO server. I am not sure why SUMO alerted me to the ESET Command Line Interface (64 bits) update. But, most likely something I did. To be fair to SUMO it may do more but for me I am only interested in the program updates. Again, thanks! John
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