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  1. Hey Guys thank you finally Luckily though not able to detect my Desktop on my Laptop but the folder i shared from the Desktop using the link which generates after sharing it worked and I was able to see the folder shared. need one more help . I am trying to share an entire Drive from my laptop and when the link gets generated im not able to open that on my desktop it gives me this error Please guide.
  2. Yes followed the procedure as it was mentioned in the link but still the folder does not show up on the network. kindly help me out I really appreciate your efforts and taking time out. My wife is a Teacher and she needs to keep sharing data but its very tedious doing it manually all the time. Please let me know if any screen shots required for more understanding.
  3. Yes I am able to see IP address on both the systems from Connected Home Monitor display. However wanted to share one more thing in the Networks section when i click and page opens i can see both systems in Media devices on both the pc's when i open them windows media player opens up. however still cant see the shared folder from desktop on my laptop. Kindly guide
  4. ive put both my pc's on home network but still not able to detect systems on both pc's. Need more help guys what can be the best possible option.
  5. Hi i Just wanted to confirm if i pause the firewall will I be able to setup the sharing smoothly. and after i Remove the Pause stage of the firewall and bring back to normal will the file sharing remain active as it was during the pause state. Will the firewall interfere again.
  6. Hello Itman thank you for sparing time and helping me out. What I meant to say was. My desktop is connected with Ethernet cable and my laptop is on wifi. Both systems are connected on same network using TP Link router. But unable to share files both ways. Unable to detect both the PC's. I use Eset Internet Security on both Desktop and Laptop. Your guidance will be of utmost help.
  7. Hi Marcos Thank you for your precious time and reply. Yes I did home network on both from the firewall known network rules and still cant detect both systems on each other, Really will appreciate your guidance to proceed. I also do not not want to pause or stop my firewall. Please guide what will happen if i Pause my firewall will I be able to detect both the systems on each other ?? please Guide as i want the sharing to be permanently on forever.
  8. Hi Guys with Due respect to all the IT guy's here I need help I am not able to share a folder over my home network . using TP link Router. Trying to share folder from my Desktop connected on LAN Cable. trying to get the data on my Laptop connected on wifi on both the systems im using ESET internet security. Humble request as I have seen old posts try to figure out the same steps but no luck at all maybe a magical spell from someone might help me out.
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