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  1. Hi All, A customer of mine has Exchange Mail Security 6.4 installed and integrated with Exchange 2010. Spammers keep sending emails to addresses that do not exist in the Exchange environment...this is causing the Exchange server to send NDR's back. From what I understand, this is considered a reverse NDR attack. How can I configure Exchange Mail security to just drop emails that are going to addresses that do not exist in Exchange? I understand within the Exchange Management Console, there is a way of filtering recipients and blocking emails going to addresses that do not exist in the directory. Is there a way of setting this up within ESET Mail Security?
  2. Hi All, I'm a little confused as far as how to properly assign licenses to clients. I have licenses for my servers (File Security licenses) and for my workstations (Endpoint) How do I go about properly assigning these licenses? I see that there is a License Manager tab that allows me to upload the lic files..However in the policy configuration editor I also see the option to add the licenses.. So how do I go about assigning these licenses to the appropriate client? Do I need to create two policies, one for the Servers with the File Security licenses and one for the Desktops with the Endpoint lics or does the License manager automatically push these licenses out to the clients and apply the appropriate one? Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I was wondering is there a way to restart clients/workstations from within the ESET Remote Administrator Console? Thanks.
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