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  1. What other options are effected by the ABM program?
  2. I have recently setup an on prem esmc for mdm on iOS devices. I have 1 phone connected in a policy. The mobile find task keeps failing. ANy suggestions on what may be the root cause to this?
  3. Thanks. The port needs to be added to both the local and remote tabs?
  4. It’s all internal traffic for patching. Patch server is Port is 123. I want to allow incoming traffic to and from the patch server for this port.
  5. So, I would then also put the allow ports in The remote section as well?
  6. What is the purpose of the local IP section?
  7. is just a place holder.
  8. Question on firewall rules: If I want to allow port XYZ access only from internal IP, do I add that IP on the local IP or the remote IP page of the rule? or, what would be the best option for this? Thanks!
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