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  1. Hello @Marcos and Team, I will want to know how to configure the Micro Program Component Update (MicroPCU) in an environment which is completely closed to the internet with 2 update servers acting as ESET Update Servers On-Prem for load balancing and Bandwidth saving purposes. 1. Do I have to use the {hxxp://IP_Address:2221} method in the Component Update Section 2. Do I have to use the auto-select feature in achieving the required outcome. Note: the environment is completely closed to the internet.
  2. @Marcos can u please clarify for me the actual ports ESET RD Sensor uses to scan for Rogue devices, we currently have issues of our On-Prem ESET Protect Server initiates SSH Connection to other Hosts on our network and we are currently investigating this incident. Can you please give me a little insight on this? Is it possible for the server to automatically initiate such a connection and is it ESET related?
  3. Meaning the activation will still be permitted to go through and ESET does nothing about the overuse of the license.
  4. @Marcos I will like to find out what happens when a client over uses their ESET provisioned license. For example a client buys 100 user license but has activated for 150 users, what happens in this event.
  5. well noted @Miami, I will comb through the policies to see if there are any interferences there.... but the only policy currently applied is the agent policies with connection interval of 10secs... I will do my checks and get back to you...
  6. @Miami the issue is same policies are applied to devices in the console however some devices are experiencing this issue. they reset to localhost after some few minutes of connecting to the server. i raised the issue with our area support and they claim its because the database size is up to limit... but currently the total size of the DB is not up to 1GB.
  7. @MartinK There are no configuration policies in the console, all agent related policies are applied to separate groups... Also the only remote deployment task running is the agent upgrade and endpoint upgrade task... please not this also happens to devices with the latest version of the agent (7.2.1266).
  8. Hello @Marcos, I have been experiencing some issues with agents connection status, Some devices are able to connect with the ESMC Server but after some time they redirect host name to Local Host instead of IP address or host name of the ESMC server. Kindly assist. Thank You
  9. Hello @Marcos, I am currently running ESMC from my cloud environment, unfortunately my SSL certificate that allows me to view the web-console will expire in two days. Can you please assist with how to replace an existing SSL certificate with a New one be it that we wouldn't want to renew with our current 3rd Party SSL Certification Authority. Thank You.
  10. Thank You @Marcos, but my main problem is I want to understand what the New Windows 10 21H1 comes with. I have been trying to get a hold around it but no useful resource is available to talk about the features in the upcoming Windows 10 21H1. Most of our users/clients will most definitely ask questions in this regard. Thank You.
  11. Hello Team, I will like to understand the new Windows 10 21H1 and how they affect the performance of ESET Security products, in other words i will want to clear understand Windows 10 21h1. @Marcos i will be glad if you can assist. Thank You.
  12. @Marcos unfortunately my clients do not use the Mirror Tool for their mirror updates, they use the inbuilt mirror function in the security products to implement the mirror update for their endpoints. Reasons I am asking this is because, traditionally ESET Home products can upgrade to latest versions when it's available without having to download from the ESET website to upgrade to latest versions.
  13. @Marcos, I have a little concern, can PCU files be distributed over mirror update which will in turn automatically update program versions when new versions are available. And also how long will it take for program versions reflect on nodes in an Apache Http Proxy environment?
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