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  1. Pretty disappointed this is still not available 1y later. Almost all other apps have a bedtime/downtime schedule feature which blocks all apps except maybe the Phone. Any chance this will come?
  2. I really like the Parental Control app, but there is one critical function mising IMO. Besides blocking limited apps, we should also have an option block *everything* (maybe excerpt for phone for emergencies). This is crucial during bedtime!
  3. Thanks for the clarification! I think collecting feedback from the community is always a good idea, so yes please.
  4. Would anyone form Eset care to respond to the suggestions? I would like to know if any of those is already on te backlog?
  5. It seems that inactive devices get removed automatically after a few days. Would be nice to get a response here, and make that clear in the docs/faq somewhere?
  6. I like the Parental Control App on Android a lot, but there is always room for improvement. [Important] Add Timeline/History for Apps: which app was opened when, and used for how long Track Web search terms (add to timeline) Track Youtube searches/titles (add to timeline) GPS: Add option to enable/disable notifications per saved Location instead of a toggle for all of them at once [Update: Not very intuitivem but it looks like this works that way when you disable a location] GPS: Option to plot a route/track on the map to see where kids have been during the day (right now only saved locations are logged) Reports view on web UI should also default to "Today" instead of "Last 7 days", because 95% of the time that's what we are interested in. Usage Graph: Time Budget in parent App should also display "Time Left" instead of only "Time Used" (we have to do the math themselves) Usage Graph: use time notation "hh:mm" instead of "1 h 30 m" Usage Graph: Add thin vertical line to indicate the current time I am particularly missing the Timeline feature to view what the kids were/are doing at a certain point in time. Ideally it should be one consolidated timeline that contains all App/Web/Location events in chronological order. Please give us a least some more detailed information when Apps were started, for example from "App Usage" (similar to Visited Web Sites). Almost all other PC apps provide a timeline feature! Thanks for listening!
  7. 1) How can I remove an old/uninstalled device from the kids profile, there is no "Remove" option anywhere? 2) I also noticed that devices show up with their default Android name in the Locator/GPS section, even when they were renamed with a more friendly name ("Kid1 Phone")?
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