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  1. Yes, I did exactly that: Unblock. The first rule is the IPv4 of my router, and all protocols (in english). The second one could be the IPv6 of my router... (I still wonder whether I should use "interactive mode", as that worked back in 2017; now it seems much more complicated...)
  2. ok, I reset all my settings, now I get this: see Screenshot. Not sure whether I should allow this...
  3. It's pretty weird, as soon as I changed to "interactive mode" and changed back to automatic (because there were just too many decisions...) lag was back again. With firewall off lag was hardly noticeable!
  4. Hi, I have this problem: When playing online games the other players always teleport around. So, the connection is not stable. My own character is not laggy. It's like this for quite some time... I used "interactive mode" of the firewall for quite some time before that - no problem. Now, when using "automatic mode" this "lag" occurs. My router wants to communicate with my pc (over LAN cable), port 1900. If I allow that, online gaming seems fine. Problem is: Last time on our previous router it worked like that for only 3 weeks, then - when we changed our Wifi - "lag" was back. Now, I'm afraid to allow that port 1900 communication because my router or pc might get hacked (again). Regards Bear
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