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  1. Hello, I'd figure I'd give this an update, the issue of the internet randomly disconnecting has seemingly come back. I've been checking my firewall, and it is no longer blocking anything now. So I'm thinking that the firewall going crazy may have been a symptom and not necessarily a cause of what is going on. I've noticed that this issue seems to happen when my internet is under high usage (Ie. watching videos, communicating with friends, while Downloading 50+gb worth of games off of steam, which unfortunately in this day in age, most modern games are by themselves 50+gb.) and once it goes, it tends to fail repeatedly afterwards, giving it a break for the evening tends to return it to normal. I know this isn't necessarily the place to discuss non-eset issues, but could it just be the wireless adapter crapping out? I've noticed that I get the error 'default gateway is not available' when I run the troubleshooter, and restarting the adapter seems to resolve it (albeit temporarily when it's acting up). I've made sure it's not running in power saving mode, but it is a factory default adapter that came with the motherboard. I'm not necessarily expecting an answer, as this is no longer eset advice, but I'd figure I'd mention it since the firewall I was initially blaming may not actually be the culprit after all.
  2. No, my ISP is xfinity, and the router is an ARRIS router. ---- I disabled UPnP, and set up a bunch of custom rules by manually unblocking the legitimate traffic, so far the computer hasn't blocked anything on startup, and I haven't had it randomly cut out yet either (although it has good and bad days for that). I appreciate your help, and I will definitely keep in touch and keep an eye on this thread if anyone else has any other suggestions. Also, just to make sure I haven't somehow didn't set up my trusted zone properly, under the 'connected networks' tab, the connected network should state 'home or office network' beneath it, correct? If so, then perhaps I managed to either on the router or eset set the settings a bit too high?
  3. I am using automatic firewall, I don't have any custom rules, as for the trusted zone I made sure it was set for Home/office, it was still acting up though. I made sure to manually change the protection type on known networks to Home or Office network. It was the IP address assigned to the router, I had to reset it as I lost my password for it, and I forgot to write it down. I I took the time to look through everything, I didn't see any settings for UDP, but I did see a setting for UPnP under system discovery turned on, is that related? ---- While I was digging through the router settings after resetting, I didn't return the ipv4 security to the typical I originally had it on, and left it on the default minimum setting. Typical apparently blocked ICMP requests on WAN-to-LAN, I don't entirely know what those are, but a quick google check says they are related to errors? Could that have been the culprit?
  4. I've been having some issues for a while, where my internet will randomly craps out completely. Usually windows will give an error that the default gateway is not available. I've run dozens of virus checks and other attempts to see if it's anything malicious, but I haven't found anything remotely suspicious. I decided to check ESET's firewall to see if that was causing issues, and I found that when my internet craps out, I usually get 200+ (often over 300) instances of svchost.exe being blocked, in addition to various other regular programs (such as steam, System discovery, etc.). None of these programs seem to be doing anything malicous. I can usually restart the internet, and everything is fine. I've also noticed that when my computer exits it's screen saver it seems to do it as well, and I need to manually connect to my router. I restarted all my firewall settings to default, even though I don't think I messed around with it too much, and it resolved the issue completely for about a week, now it's doing it again. I've attached a screenshot of the blocks it does as soon as I login after booting the PC, I will try to post another if I manage to get it acting up again. I've been meaning to factory reset my router as well, but none of the times I've done that has seemed to do anything to alleviate the issue.
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