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  1. Thanks everybody. We tried a Zoom meeting on her laptop yesterday and her camera never came on. I'm beginning to wonder if her 5 year old laptop is beginning to out... starting with the camera. And it's not ESET at all. We're going to take all your suggestions and try with my newer laptop. I'm not sure about uninstalling ESET though.
  2. My suspicion was that the Proctor's app was at fault. The Proctor had their "IT" investigate for over an hour before giving up and terminating the session. However, they never looked into their own app (I wasn't a part of the session unfortunately otherwise I would have insisted they do so). Thanks to everybody that participated. We're going to try again next week!
  3. Oh cool! I'll check. You can probably tell you are dealing with a neophyte on this kind of stuff. If ESET is unlikely to be the villain, what gremlin may be creating such havoc? I'm way open for any suggestions/options.
  4. Thank you. I think that's what I'm going to have to do. But the proctor was able to see my daughter for over an hour before they messaged her and said the camera suddenly went black.
  5. My daughter was taking the PA-CAT last month. Since COVID-19 the test is now entirely online. As part of the test, the Proctor of the test has to have access to the laptop's camera and for the duration of the test, must be able to see the test taker to ensure no cheating. Last month, after about an hour of the test, the webcam blacked out the Proctor and my daughter was kicked out of the test costing hundreds of dollars. We suspect ESET had something to do with this. We suspect that ESET "noticed" someone using the camera and after time, blocked access. I tried to contact ESET support bu
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